Ayodhya Temple visit at Jal Sansthan : Touching the Depth of your soul and Heart!

Ayodhya Temple Visit at Jal Sansthan Lucknow

Ayodhya Temple Visit at Jal Sansthan Lucknow | Image Resource : indianewsonweb.com

Description : The Ayodhya Temple at Jal Sansthan is a beauty not only because of its historical importance, but also due to the rivers like Sarayu and Gragra surrounding it. It holds a special importance because it is known to be the birth place of Prince Ram who is an icon of the Hindu mythology. The serenity and the spirituality this place offered indeed touched the very depth of my soul and heart.


Photo of the Week : The Piccadily Lucknow

The Piccadily Lucknow

The Piccadily Lucknow | Image Resource : worldtravelserver.com

The Piccadily Lucknow  : Situated in the hub of the city, closer to the important tourist attractions in and around the place, Piccadily can be the trusted companion when you want to see the best of Lucknow for all its beauty. The exquisite infrastructure, personalized room facilities and chic- styled room décor is sure to make the guests extend the trip.

Come And Enjoy The Magnificent Things To Do In Jaisalmer!

Beautiful View of Jaisalmar Fort

Beautiful View of Jaisalmar Fort | Image Resource : flyopedia.com

Hi Buddies! This is Saachi Agarwal born and brought up in the heart of the great Indian Thar Desert that is Jaisalmer. Fashion is my passion and I have taken my first step towards it. I am a fashion designer. But after meeting deadlines I like to chillax with my friends! As I know every nook and corner of this place there are plenty of places where we hang out especially the Jaisalmer fort and the Gadisar Lake.

Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake | Image Resource : tushky.com

This place is not just for shopping and sightseeing. There is an array of exciting things to do in Jaisalmer. You can actually see the Indo Pak border. There are also activities like spotting animals and bashing sand dunes which can generate lots of exciting moments and can you’re your adrenaline rush high! My personal favorites are camel riding and camping with friends. These activities I have enjoyed since I was a kid.

Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Things To Do In Jaisalmer | Image Resource : xperinz.blogspot.com

An Array of Exciting Things To Do In Jaisalmer

The most lovable animal of my beautiful city is camel. I have done camel riding here since I was a kid. Loved going there with my parents. I usually go to Gadisar Road on Amar Sagar Pol for camel riding. They pick up the enthusiasts from here and drive you through 50 kms deep into forest where the camel safari begins. You are given a camel rider who will give you an idea of riding the camel and then begins the 3 hour journey followed by lunch and then again you get the opportunity of exploring the deeper parts of the desert .This safari costs around 10 k  per head.

Camel Safari Jaisalmer

Camel Safari Jaisalmer | Image Resource : theclassytraveler.com

Camping is also one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer. I have been to these camping trips earlier with friends. You are expected to reach the campsite by late afternoon. There are arrangements for camel ride. This is followed by cultural program by local artists. Then comes the delicious Rajasthani dinner! You get to spend the night in superb Swiss Camps. You wake to see the sunrise from the sand dunes. This is followed by breakfast. All this is priced at just around Rs 6k per head.

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Guys my beautiful city of Jaisalmer is ready to welcome you with open hands. Come and enjoy. You can feel free to leave your queries on this lovely city on my blog. I would love to give you all updates about my beautiful Jaisalmer.

Travel Quote of the Week – Mary Ritter Beard

Travel Quote

Travel Quote | Image Resource : myswissalps.com

Description : This quote by Mary Ritter Beard makes sense to me because as a fashion designer I get inspired by my travels. I learn from various cultures, people and everything that nature has to offer and use it to design new clothes and accessories. Hence our travels are more than just sights.

Delightful Dish of the Week : Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow | Image Resource : yummraj.com

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow  : I have a sweet tooth and when I was told of this exotic dish of Lucknow I could not stop myself from indulging in it.It has the most deliciously soft texture. The chandi ka warq or the silver covering on it is something that had me digging into it enthusiastically. The sugar syrup and the filling inside left me wanting more.

Buddha Park – For The Beauty Lies In The Night

There are a few places that just catch you off guard and the Buddha Park in Lucknow is one of them. This is one the best parks to visit in India when it is dark. I was absolutely thrilled when I arrived here. The amazing colourful lighting that has been done here is worth mentioning. There were moments when I was like “At one side there are ruins, and here I stand at one of the best modern day gardens”.

Buddha Statue at Buddha Park Lucknow

Buddha Statue at Buddha Park Lucknow | Image Resource : oktatabyebye.com

Perfect Ambience

The park is full of multiple lush green gardens that fill the place along with facilities for boating in an artificial stream. The location is one of the most expensive places in Lucknow and what has made it the most expensive place is Buddha Park. Roads to the park are very wide and well lit as I visited it at night.

Boating in Buddha Park Lucknow

Boating in Buddha Park Lucknow | Image Resource : flickr.com

It is one of the most beautiful parks you will ever visit and it was the perfect place to end my trip in style. Here you will see the present Lucknow, where everyone is a Nawab and the city’s affinity with royal things does not seem to fade away. A parade of elephants is going to welcome you here with statues of political leaders at some corners of this huge complex.


There are ample food stalls in and around Buddha Park, which will satisfy your hunger and thirst. A few malls are also nearby and I happened to visit one of them which had “Barbeque Nation”. I had loads of food there and could not resist myself for having a walk in the park just once more before I leave this beautiful city that has the perfect blend of historical buildings and modern marvels.

There is going to be a Next Time

I am going to remember this trip for a lifetime and I think that I will need to visit the city again as many things have been left out. Hope to take out sometime soon and come here again to have a taste of famous Tundey Kebabs which I failed to taste on this trip!

Photo of the Week : Best Western Plus levana Lucknow

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow | Image Resource : adventurousgopal.wordpress.com

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow : Visiting Lucknow and staying at this hotel was an amazing experience. The posh exteriors as well as the interiors were absolutely charming. The rooms were cozy. The good thing was the free cancellation till a certain date. I simply loved the complimentary breakfast they provided us every morning. A real worthwhile experience.

Photo of the Week : Begum Hazrat Mahal Park Lucknow

Begum Hazrat Mahal Park Lucknow

Begum Hazrat Mahal Park Lucknow | Image Resource : flickr.com

Begum Hazrat Mahal Park Lucknow : Visiting the old Victoria Park in Lucknow, that too for viewing the Begum Hazrat Mahal’s memorial was a moving moment. Her contribution in the 1857 revolution was commendable. As I am a lover of history I feel the government has done a good job of commemorating her. It also is a beautiful park with wonderful fountains.

Satkhanda – The Ancient Tower With A Bird’s Eye View Of The Whole City!

Nawab Muhammed Ali Shah started the construction of this place with a mission of getting the bird’s eye view of the whole city. The tower was intended to be seven stories tall but due to the Nawab’s untimely death; its construction stopped after the fourth floor was built. It is believed that another purpose of building the tower was to have a clear sight of the moon which would help the Nawab spot it during the time of Eid as the celebrations of this festival depends on the moon.

Architectural Excellence

The tower is located close to Husainabad Imambara and is a 67 metre tall structure. People who knew about its history in detail, told me that since the Nawab was badly injured while climbing its stairs, the construction was limited to four floors only as the injury to him was seen as an omen and they felt that supernatural powers do not want them to complete the tower. It is a fine blend of Italian and French architecture and attracts many foreign tourists.

Satkhanda Lucknow

Satkhanda Lucknow | Image Resource : wonderdestinations.wordpress.com

Ignored Monument

The historical tower is begging for restoration work, but all authorities including ASI seemed to have ignored it. Satkhanda lies at one corner as a ruined building that people seem to have forgotten. Its construction began in mid 19th century and the tower is also famous among the British people as it is also believed that it has something to do with Sir George Couper too, who was the governor of UP during British rule.

Lucknow is full of historical buildings and if one wants to grasp as much of its history, then visiting Satkhanda is a must. Do not skip this 19th century tower because although it has decayed because of ignorance, the tower still has its own charm. The history to it is very interesting, and if you talk to a few locals living near it, you may get to hear some inside stories that you will never find on the internet. Lucknow is where the true culture of India lies. Rich and full of colour, there is so much to explore here. You just have to be interested, and this city will offer a lot.

Travel Thought of the Week – St. Augustine

Travel Thought

Travel Thought | Images Resource : indianwanderers.wordpress.com

Description : My love for travelling has taken me to many different places that talks about heritage and  its beauty. During my travel, I get inspired from the culture, history and everlasting beauty that eventually inspire me to inculcate in my fashion designing. I believe, in your lifetime you should try visiting as many places as you can since the world has many beautiful and serene places to explore. The world has lots to offer if you have fire within to explore it.