Travel Thought of the Week – St. Augustine

Travel Thought

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Description : My love for travelling has taken me to many different places that talks about heritage and  its beauty. During my travel, I get inspired from the culture, history and everlasting beauty that eventually inspire me to inculcate in my fashion designing. I believe, in your lifetime you should try visiting as many places as you can since the world has many beautiful and serene places to explore. The world has lots to offer if you have fire within to explore it.


Bara Imambara – For The Peace Within

Bara Imambara

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It is one of the most famous and most visited places in Lucknow. The Imambara is a shrine of Shia Muslims and was built by Asaf-Ud-Daula in 1785. It boasts of the world’s largest arched room which has no pillars. It was used by Nawabs to hear public grievances. The whole complex comprises of a number of things including a labyrinth. It also contains the tomb of Asaf-Ud-Daula which is being paid respect by most of the visitors.

Bhool Bhulaiya

This is the major attraction of the complex. The bhool bhulaiya is a confusing maze that consists of at least 450 identical doors and passageways that are going to confuse you, and there is no chance that you will come out of it in the first attempt. I had some real fun here as I was accompanied by some more confused people like me who did not know where to go. This was probably the ultimate highlight of the day!

Bara Imambara - Bhool Bhulaiya

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Shahi Bavali

This was the royal bathroom where all royal subjects used to take a bath. It has a very deep well and all bathrooms are constructed around the well. The well is built with an aim that if somebody is approaching it, you will see his/her reflection from the eastern side. Built with precision, it was certainly enjoyable.

Asifi Masjid

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Rumi Darwaza and Asifi Masjid

Rumi Darwaza was built by workers who were specifically brought from Rome to construct it. From the top of this building, you can have a clear of river Gomti. It is also known as the Turkish Gate. Asifi Masjid is a beautiful building on the western side of the complex and you will see thousands of Muslims visiting the place to offer namaz on Friday. The building is an amazing example of architecture of the times of Mughals.

Rumi Darwaza

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Bara Imambara is a must visit place, and you are going to be stunned by the technology used to build this. The building would have been way ahead of its time when it was built during the latter part of 18th century.

Photo of The Week : Jama Masjid Lucknow

Jama Masjid Lucknow

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Desription : Every city has its elegant Masjid and in Lucknow the Jama Masjid acts as the king of all the shrines. It has an elegantly built gateway and is a pride to the city of Lucknow. I visited the place with my friends and took the most wonderful pictures and would suggest other tourists to visit it too.

Mankameshwar Temple – Shiva The Lord!

After I had visited The Residency, I decided to take the blessings of God by visiting the most famous temple in Lucknow- Mankameshwar. The temple is not far from my previous destination and is situated in an area called Daliganj. It is said to be at least a 1,000 years old and is flooded with devotees all the time. Though the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, it also has a Shani temple within its premises.

Mankameshwar Temple Lucknow

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The most interesting thing about the temple was that it had a woman priest who is said to be the first woman priest in the history of this temple. No fee is charged to enter temple premises and though it looks quite old from the outside, it is well maintained from the inside. It is surprising that the old walls of the temple have been able to survive for all these years and credit goes to temple administration for maintaining them.

I have always been fond of stories related to Lord Shiva and have always believed in him. Since I was allowed to capture pictures here, I did not let the opportunity slip and clicked some 20-30 photos within the premises. You will see innumerable shops offering stuff for puja inside the temple. Flowers, sweets and most importantly milk; everything is available just outside the temple.

A small market can fulfil your wish of getting a souvenir though I myself did not buy anything from here. Daliganj is full of old buildings and looks far away from the humdrum of city where there is immense construction going on, and there is a lot of traffic because of metro railway pillars taking up a lot of space on road.

Holy Shivling at Mankameshwar Temple

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You should give this temple a visit as it is the oldest and one of the most famous temples in Lucknow and if you are lucky enough to visit in the holy month of sawan, you are going to see thousands of devotees pushing to touch the holy shivling. It is a beautiful place and truly a one where you could feel at peace and reflect on your life.

Photo of The Week : Rumi Darwaja Lucknow

Rumi Darwaja Lucknow

Rumi Darwaja Lucknow | Image Resource :

Description : The Rumi Darwaja is a very elegant gateway which was constructed to uphold the Mughal rule with elements of Mughal architecture in it. It is beautifully designed and stands tall and strong even today. I got a chance to visit there when I had to organize a fashion show in the city.

Charans Club and Resort – To Nurture Your Senses!

During my visit to Lucknow, I decided to visit the Charans Club and Resort . The place is spread across a wide area and has all basic amenities that one would require in a fun filled trip. It is around 15 km from Lucknow railway station and is also not far away from the tourist destinations I was planning to visit next.

Charans Club and Resort

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It has ultra-spacious rooms with all modern amenities and I was glad that I had made this choice. The resort has a gaming section too which has a number of pool tables. Snooker and Pool have always interested me, but I have never been able to learn them completely. I tried myself against other guests in table tennis and badminton, and I must say I am really good at these two.

Full of Facilities

Charans Club and Resort Lucknow has a bar, gym, restaurant, cafe and most importantly, the thing that is of utmost importance to me- Wi-Fi. I decided to stay in AC Executive room and only returned to my room when I wanted to sleep. Most of my time, I spent near the swimming pool and in the restaurant where I tried a number of cuisines. It offers everything within Indian, Chinese, Asian and Continental cuisines.

Charans Club and Resort Rooms

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The thing that really helped me the most was the car rental service. I really needed a vehicle to roam around the rest of Lucknow and Charans Club provided me just that. I also availed the laundry services at the resort and got all my clothes neat and clean. There is also a business centre within the resort which was actually of no use for me but if you guys want to have some kind of business meeting, then this one seemed to be a fine place.

Home Away From Home

I came back to this resort after visiting a number of places in the city and cocooned myself in the comfortable bed of my room with some cool breeze from the air conditioner comforting my body. It is a pleasant place to stay and a must visit!

Photo of The Week : Husainabad Clock Tower Lucknow

Husainabad Clock Tower Lucknow

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Description : The Husainabad Clock Tower in Lucknow is an ode to the city which was built in the year 1881 by one of the ruling Nawabs. It is built in the British architectural style with tinges of Nawabi architecture. It still stands elegantly today and I have the loveliest memories after visiting there.

British Residency – A Peek Into The Time Of The British Raj!

It is one of the oldest compounds in Lucknow and carries a lot of history with it. The British Residency was built for British residents in India before the mutiny of 1857. It was constructed by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II but was destroyed during the siege of 1857 which saw the place being destroyed by canons.

British Residency Lucknow

British Residency Lucknow | Image Resource :

When I entered the place, I could feel what it had gone through. Some parts were absolutely ruined, and I could clearly see marks of canons and muskets. State government has tried to restore the place and has maintained the gardens inside its premises but, the buildings seem to be beyond repair, and there is no possibility that they can be fully restored without damaging them completely.

It is said that around 2,000 Indian and British soldiers died at the residency during the time of mutiny. You could feel the war going on and recreate the scenes of the battle in your mind as this place is surely going to take you back in time exactly like I was forced to imagine what all would have happened here. The thought gave me chills and I realized what kind of sacrifice we have given to free our nation.

British Residency a Famous Historical Landmark

British Residency a Famous Historical Landmark | Image Resources :

Sadly, photography was not allowed at the place that really dampened my spirits as I was fond of clicking photographs. The residency also has an epitaph built in the memory of Sir Henry Lawrence, who died while he was trying to defend Lucknow from Indians. The in-house cemetery has graves of at least 2,000 men and women who died during the revolt.

The thing that irked me the most or which irks me the most at every historical site is the signs of love birds. People have engraved their name on almost every wall of this historical complex that is not a very good practice as it somewhat dissolves the value of the place. You should always refrain from such activities as sometime when authorities are trying to restore a building, they permanently destroy it while trying to rub off hearts and names and drawings of Cupid.