Train Travel from Jaisalmer To Delhi by JSM-DLI Express – Something worth Remembering

Khamma ghani! Namaste! Hello everyone! I am Saachi Agarwal from the land of forts and yellow stone Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Apart from fashion designing, travelling and looking at new places is my second passion. Whenever I find myself tied in the strings of work, I lose myself into a quick weekend tour. It rejuvenates me and provokes a new zeal in me. After another irksome week, I planned a tour to ‘Heart of India’ Delhi with my colleague Sandra. I planned this tour on Thursday and easily reserved two sleeper class tickets in JSM-DLI Express.

On Friday, I wrapped up my work hurriedly and reached home at 1 pm. I packed my bag hastily and reached the railway station at 4.30 pm and started waiting for the train and Sandra. Jaisalmer is the least populated district of Rajasthan; this thing can be seen at its railway station too. It was calm, and only a few people waiting for their trains were wandering on the platform. Sandra arrived at 5 pm, which was quite annoying as I was waiting for her since 4.30. Anyway, my train travel from Jaisalmer (JSM) to Delhi (DLI) by JSM-DLI Express started at 5.15 pm.

jsm dli express

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There were hardly 5-6 passengers in our compartment and it was pleasing and scaring at the same time. We started chatting with each other, and an aunty from the nearby berth joined us. After a nice chit- chat, I started feeling hungry. At Jodhpur station, we bought food packets from the shop outside and had our dinner in the train. The train had a long 35-minute stay at Jodhpur and after that it rushed to its destination at a good speed. I started listening to songs in my iPod and Sandra resumed her unfinished novel.

I don’t remember when we fell asleep, but when I opened my eyes it was 7.15 am, the train was relaxing at Alwar junction and Sandra was already awake. We had tea together and after that we started discussing our schedule and memorising places we had to visit with the first place to visit being the India Gate. I have no idea whether the train was too fast or our discussion was too long. This approximately 18 hour-long train travel from Jaisalmer JSM) to Delhi (DLI) by JSM-DLI Express seemed so short to me. The train reached Delhi at scheduled time of 11.10 am.

new delhi entry gate

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An Interesting Train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express

Hi! It is nice to come again. There are several places that can serve as an excellent destination for a vacation. I had my eye on Bawal for this winter and it wasn’t long before I found myself with half my packing done. I spent the rest of the hours before I was to head off carefully packing and repacking my camera and double checking reserves of battery. My packing had not taken me much time and I had with me my most basic essentials for a memorable vacation that added up to just one suitcase. I intended to train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express. The train was to depart at five fifteen and it would take me overnight to reach Bawal.

jsm dli express

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I had reached the station by four in the afternoon. The early setting sun had cast a beautiful orange glow over the station and I wanted to watch it from one of the lonely corners of the platform while I waited for the train to show. The long express train finally pulled in with its fair share of angry whistling and bringing the roof down with the grinding of heavy wheels. I had a good twenty minutes on my hand before the train set off on its long winding journey.

I had booked myself an AC two-tier coach for my train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express and I had found the confirmation of my seat online. I had found myself a window seat and was anxious to set off. I never pack lunch on journeys such as these so I ordered my dinner from the pantry car, stuffed my solitary suitcase under the seat and I was soon on my way, heading into the darkening evening sky. The night was quite uneventful besides meeting a couple of friendly fellow travelers who were on their way to Delhi. I had myself the lower berth and was woken by the soft morning glow around seven. I reached Bawal around half past eight which was around twenty minutes past expected arrival time. The train stops at the station for a mere two minutes. It reaches Delhi at eleven.