A Fabulous and Knowledgeable Morning at Indroda Nature Park!

My vacation in Indore was quite fruitful with a visit to a nature park. Being a fashion designer by profession, I have always drawn inspiration from nature whose vibrancy, patterns and textures have always fascinated me.  For nature lovers like me, Indroda nature Park is certainly a must visit! While I like history too, this park is a treasure trove of natural history! It was at this very site that the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs was found and this is the only exclusive dinosaur museum in the entire nation.

Both my sister and I had an early breakfast and made a beeline to this park. Although this park is open until evening, I preferred to visit it in the morning. Around 9 a.m. the sun was not shining too brightly so we both could explore Indroda without a hindrance. After paying the entrance fee, on entering, we were greeted by life size statues of dinosaurs. We were told that the eggs here date back to over 65 million years ago! There were information boards near each exhibit which described each dinosaur, which period it lived in and its characteristics; all written very simply and we could understand it easily.

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We spent close to an hour just around the fossil exhibits, and one of the most eye- catching displays is the real skeleton of a massive Blue Whale. Blue whales are regarded as the largest mammals in the world and to see the skeleton as awesome as it was mind- boggling!  The zoo at Indroda is very well maintained and we saw endangered Blackbucks, Nilgai,  porcupines, tortoises, cobras and other such species. There were special enclosures for a host of colorful birds too. In fact, Indroda Nature Park is ideal for teaching kids about evolution and natural history as all exhibits have been depicted in a very easy to understand and fascinating manner.

The walk around this vast park had certainly whetted our appetites.  After spending a leisurely and very informative morning at this park, we took a break to enjoy some peace and quiet at the botanical garden here. Foodie that I am, I suggested skipping the regular restaurant; so we headed off for lunch around 1 o’ clock to savor the delicious dishes of an authentic Gujarati Thali!

gujarati thali

Gujarati Thali | Image Resource : daily.indianroots.com/tag/gujarati-thali/