Linking Road Bandra Mumbai – Sea of Choices for Shopaholics

Little things have always been the reason behind my core happiness. I love to travel and fulfill my shopaholic desire. What else other than Linking Road Bandra Mumbai would be the best place to rejoice street shopping? It is profusely known as New York of India in aspects of street shopping. It gives you immense and multitude alternatives to take home. Being a fashion designer people would wonder me as a brand specific.

Let me explain. It’s not that I don’t prefer brand shops but street shopping is something that contents me to the nucleus. I can buy all the stuffs without worrying my pocket pinch. Linking road is the perfect shopping destination for the young girls as well as for all age groups. Bags, shoes, belts, accessories and innumerably others were all awe-inspiring. All of them were making me crazy.

accessories in linking road bandra mumbai

Accessories in Linking Road Bandra Mumbai | Image Resource :

footwear in linking road bandra mumbai

Footwear in Linking Road Bandra Mumbai | Image Resource :

I was entirely out of mind, perplexed and restless. Hold on friends! Don’t even think of doubting street shopping for a fashion designer. Believe me! It bequeaths me with sea of ideas and creativity and I strongly abide by that. It is the place where east meets the west. There are food stalls at one end with shopping stopovers at the other. Bargaining is a must and recommended over here. Bewildered with the countless alternatives of the merchandise and accessories, I managed to collect a few stuffs for my casual and formal wearing.

vadapav street stall

Vadapav Street Stall | Image Resource :

bhel street stall

Bhel Street Stall | Image Resource :

pani puri street stall

Pani Puri Street Stall | Image Resource :

Mumbai’s world famous local cuisines like ‘vadapav’, ‘bhel’ and ‘pani puri’ were magnetizing me. My happy moments were scoring high on the board. To be precise, let me tell you, being happy and distributing happiness is the tagline of my life. I never compromise on two of them. With shopping and munching yummy snacks I composed some of my little yet pleasurable moments.

Whenever the options are meant for buying imitation jewelry, footwear and scarves, everything falls apart. My wardrobe is stuffed with all these ingredients. Truly, it was nice allocating you my experience with the Linking Road Bandra Mumbai. There were a few more episodes to be cherished with you people but it was about to come the next day of my journey. I decided to stay at a nearby hotel to start up with my second innings, including Gateway of India.


Photo Of The Week : Nehru Science Centre Mumbai

nehru science centre mumbai

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai | Image Resource :

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai : The Nehru Science Centre is a must visit if you are visiting Mumbai with family and kids. It has a wide range of amazing exhibits that the kids will surely love. Your kids can learn about gravity and inertia by observing the exhibits there. It is a great idea to take your kids there.

Famous Food Of The Week : Mumbai Vada Pav

mumbai vada pav

Mumbai Vada Pav | Image Resource :

Mumbai Vada Pav : I love street food and during my business visits to Mumbai I make it a point to check out the street food. One of the popular street foods from Maharashtra is “vada pav”. It is a very simple and delicious snack. Mumbai is known for its Vadapav. There are different kinds of Vadapav. One of my favourite Vada Pav is “Jumbo Vadapav”

Photo Of The Week : Marine Drive Mumbai

marine drive mumbai

Marine Drive Mumbai | Image Resource :

Marine Drive Mumbai : A visit to Mumbai can never be complete without a walk on the Marine Drive. You can spot lovers in this beautiful place dating and enjoying a common ice-cream. The place is definitely romantic. At night, the Queen’s necklace looks really pretty and worth a visit. You can also click photographs to make your visit memorable.

Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai – Beckons Serenity to All

Less baggage is the advantageous part of a solitary voyage. You can carry it as and wherever you like. I was free to move with my baggage, light and conveniently movable. Though I am not following Christianity, I am the eternal follower of Jesus, the noble avatar. I cannot afford missing a visit to the church if the places have any.

Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai was my first choice to get rendezvous with one God in different façade. Since my train arrived at the Bandra Terminus by 12.00 pm, it was only possible to reach the church by 2 o’ clock after having lunch. Unable to fight the hunger hankering is my childhood weakness. I was helpless at that moment. What can I do? Old habits rarely die easily!

mount mary church bandra mumbai

Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai | Image Resource :

In no time I was at the edifice, which houses my way to peace and tranquility. It beckons me with eternal love and affection. The structure of grandeur and opulence is vividly constructed of white stones. The minster overlooks the Arabian Sea with serenity. This is what I love to notice while travelling to any of the spiritual and divine abode. By the way, I am forever taught with the truth that God is always there with you and follows you wherever you go.

inside view of mount mery church, bandra mumbai

Inside View Of Mount Mery Church, Bandra Mumbai | Image Resource :

The abode is basically famous for the Bandra Fair that held every year in the month of September to commemorate Mother Mary’s birthday. I got inside the cathedral and glancing Mother Mary with the Jesus as a child in her lap was a feast for my eyes. Indicating immense faith and unconditional love throughout! How humble is the God who gets contented with pity things like candles?

mother mary in mount mary church, bandra mumbai

Mother Mary in Mount Mary church, Bandra Mumbai | Image Resource :

The beautiful wooden statue brought from Portugal at the period of sixteenth century is the allure of the cathedral. After so many favors that were granted by Mother Mary so long, the popularity is now on high rise. The idol is deep seated on the seventh step of the Marble Altar, blessing and beckoning all with one. Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai gave me the life’s essence. With deep peace inside I followed my next shopping destination to Linking Road Bandra Mumbai.