Thirunelli Temple Wayanad – A Perfect Site for Nature Enthusiasts

After having a gala time at the Paithalmala Hill Station in Kerala the next destination that we were quite keen to visit was the Thirunelli temple in North Wayanad. This site fulfilled both my criteria of being a perfect tourist attraction.

Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple | Image Resource :

Firstly, the temple dates back in history and secondly, it is located amidst lush green woods and high mountains. So I set foot towards the ancient Thirunelli temple which is located at an altitude of around 900 meters above sea level. Due to its beautiful environs and cherished history the temple witnesses large influx of local as well as national tourists every year.

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad | Image Resource :

The temple is located in a valley surrounded by tall trees and gigantic mountains and is located around 32 kilometres from Manathavady in Kerala.  Although there are no records of the exact dates of establishment of the temple it is very evident that Thirunelli was once a famous and well established town and centre for pilgrimage in south India.

This ancient town was surrounded by mountains on the four sides and was built amidst the inaccessible jungle valley.  In the dense woods surrounding the temple the ruins of two ancient villages can also be found. This was truly a treat for me as I was thrilled to discover the portal to the olden days via this site.

The temple is visited by many devotees as according to mythology lord Vishnu has blessed the waters flowing in the springs and rivers surrounding the temple to have the capability to wash away all sins. Hence, the springs and river near the Thirunelli temple are colloquially called as Papanasini.

Thirunelli temple in Kerala

Thirunelli temple in Kerala | Image Resource :

Even today the temple priest leaves some materials for worship in the temple believing that god Brahma himself would descend to this temple to perform the rituals of worshipping lord Vishnu who is the presiding deity of this temple.

It was an amazing experience for me to have visited the Thirunelli temple in Kerala. The beautiful ancient temple surrounded by lush-green forests and tall mountains gave me an inexpressible solace and peace. I felt such things are important in life when you are living in a society.


Photo Of The Week : Thottada Beach Kannur

thottada beach kannur

Thottada Beach Kannur | Image Resource :

Thottada Beach Kannur : The golden sand with the blazing sapphire bluish white waves forming foams along the seashore at Thottada Beach stays etched in my memory. The sunset over the beach fulfilled my holiday. And especially the fun we had on the sea shore, splashing the water and walking along the shore were the highlights of my recent trip to Kannur.

Paithalmala Kannur – The Highest Geographic Peak in Kannur

After visiting the unique Muthappan temple of Kannur the next destination that I headed towards was the Paithalmala hill station of Kannur. Located along the Western Ghats this beautiful hill station is a major tourist attraction in Kerala due to its soothing weather and enchanting environs.

This hill station is located near the village Pottenplave and is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters above sea level. Hence many vacationers and picnickers gather here every year to escape the scorching heat of the sun. Paithalmala lies at a distance of about 65 kilometres from Kannur and is nested in the Karnataka Kerala boarder region.

As I am a nature enthusiast it was a perfect holiday destination for me. Many nature lovers, leisurely visitors and photographers visit this hill station every year due to its geographical features. Tourists who are interested in active pursuits such as trekking and mountain climbing or camping also find this hill station a best place for their vacations.

paithalmala kannur

Paithalmala Kannur | Image Resource :

Paithalmala offers trekking facilities to tourists twice a year. The monsoon and summer are the two trekking seasons of this hill station. Trekking in the monsoon season i.e. from June to October is definitely a delight for the photographers. The hills and forests at this region are blanketed by mist during this season.

The lush green vegetation amidst the showers that fall all day during monsoons is an unmatchable and enthralling experience. Practically it might although be a bit inconvenient to trek during the summers due to extreme climate and one should also watch out for frequent elephant visits and leeches in the region.

The monsoons at Paithalmala are followed by cool soothing climate but then the grass grows to its fullest size i.e. about 7 feet which makes it very difficult for trekkers to find their way. In the month of December the forest care takers set fire to the long grass and hence making way for an easy trek. The best time to visit this hill station is from January to March. I had a very nice and thrilling time at the Paithalmala hill station of Kannur and longed to have more.

Photo Of The Week : Rajarajeshwara Temple Kannur

rajarajeshwara temple kannur

Rajarajeshwara Temple Kannur | Image Resource :

Rajarajeshwara Temple Kannur : Kerala is bestowed with amazing number of temples holding itself to age old traditions and interesting folklore. On my recent trip to Kerala, I happened to visit the Rajarajeshwara Temple at Kannur. For every pilgrim traveler, this place would be a blissful stop. For a heritage lover like me, the incredible sculptures entwined me in this magnificent place!

Muthappan Temple, Kannur – A Place for Sanctity

After visiting the beautiful St Angelo fort of Kannur the next destination that I was very keen to visit was the Muthappan temple. This temple is quite famous for its unique ceremonies and offerings and its interesting mythologies relating to the presiding deity. Also known as the Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple it lies at a distance of 22 kilometres from the Kannur town.

The major bus terminal that lies nearest to the temple is the Kannur municipal bus stand. The Muthappan temple is a famous tourist attraction of Kerala and is flooded with huge volumes of devotees every year who gather to offer gratitude to the deity.

The temple’s presiding deity is Muthappan and it is built in Kerala Kavu style of architecture. This eminent Hindu temple is located on the banks of the ricer Valapattanam. Tghe presiding deity of this temple is said to be a manifestation of two mythical characters the Vellattam and Thiruvappana. According to the local sayings lord Muthappan is not of Vedic origin in fact he is linked to the folklores of Kerala. Many believers also link the deity to lord Shiva and Vishnu.

muthappan temple kannur

Muthappan Temple, Kannur | Image Resource :

The rituals of this temple are very peculiar and distinctive and do not follow any Satvic Brahmanical form of worship that is widely followed in other Hindu temples of the state. The most interesting part about the Muthappan worship is the Muthappan Theyyam which is a traditional dance which enacts the characters of Muthappan. Unlike other Hindu temples the main offerings made to the presiding deity of this temple are meat, toddy and fish.

inside muthappan temple, kannur

Inside Muthappan Temple, Kannur | Image Resource :

The Muthappan Thruvoppana Mahothsavam is a major festival that is celebrated with great pomp and show on 3rd, 4th and 5th march every year in the temple. Another distinctive feature about this temple is that dogs are considered divine here and the temple entrance also has dog statues at its both sides.

There are other Muthappan temples also in Kerala and Karnataka showing how famous this deity is among the residents of this region. It was indeed a very different experience for us to visit this unconventional temple of Kannur.

St Angelo Fort, Kannur – The Archaeological Heritage of Kerala

My interest in ancient archaeological sites and monuments drew me to the famous tourist attraction of Kerala, i.e. the St Angelo Fort in Kannur. I was quite excited to visit this ancient structure since I had already read about its glorious history. The fort is a prime tourist attraction of the region and is easily commutable via public transport from all parts of Kannur. The nearest Kannur railway station is at a distance of merely 3 kilometres from the fort and the Calicut international airport is located about 93 kilometres away from this location.

As we reached the St Angelo Fort, I was amazed to see the beauty and grandeur of this mega structure which is made up of laterite. The fort is a massive triangular monument that is abundantly supplied with flanking bastions and is surrounded with a moat. Dating long back in history to the year 1505 this majestic monument was built by the first Portuguese viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida. This fort was later captured by the Dutch army in 1663 who further sold it to Ali Raja, the ruler of Kannur.

st angelo fort kannur

St Angelo Fort, Kannur | Image Resource :

route map of kannur fort

Route Map of Kannur Fort | Image Resource :

After the British invasion in India this eminent structure was seized by the British who renovated and well equipped this fort and turned it into their premier military base henceforth. This incident dates back to 1790. The fort has great historic significance as it has witnessed so many cultures and rulers who have resided and built their base in this monument for years in the past. No doubt the architecture of this fort is a blend of British, Portuguese and Dutch styles.

Contemporarily the St Angelo fort is a protected monument maintained by the archaeological Survey of India. Apart of its architecture the fort is located at a very fascinating surrounding. The view of the Dharmodam Island and the Moppila Bay from this fort is an extremely enthralling site. I clicked many pictures of the fort and of the environs that enveloped it. It was a very knowledgeable and soothing experience to turn the pages of history as I visited this ancient fort of Kannur.

With great memories my friend and I left the place.

Photo Of The Week : Chembra Peak Wayanad

chembra peak wayanad

Chembra Peak Wayanad | Image Resource :

Chembra Peak Wayanad : If Wayanad is the most beautiful holiday spot in Kerala, then I would say that the Chembra peak is the loveliest among all the tourist spots in Wayanad. It was quite a half day trekking, but once we reached to the hilltop, WOW! The beauty of the heart-shaped lake with greenery everywhere captivated us. .

Banasura Hill, Wayanad – Time to Focus on Some Adventure

My visit to Kannur had become interesting with visit to a few beaches and temples. Kerala has enough beaches and greenery to enthrall the tourists. What particularly amazed me were the cleanliness of the surroundings and the freshness of the air. Our next must-visit place was the Banasura Hill in Wayanad, which is located at about 96 km away from Kannur. Moreover Wayanad is a Hilly area and took over two hours to reach by bus.

We started off early from the KSRTC bus stand which offered regular buses to Wayanad. The way all along was picturesque with a lot of greenery and waterfalls. Of course, there were sharp turns and bends but they hardly made us tiring. After two and a half hours we reached the Banasura Hill.

banasura hill, wayanad

Banasura Hill, Wayanad | Image Resource :

Nestled in the laps of Western Ghats, this hill is located at an elevation of over 2000 meters above the sea level. We wanted to trek the hill for there were a lot of nature and adventure to experience. Climbing the hill we reached the Meenamutty waterfalls, which offered a thrilling view of the water. We stood there for some time to enjoy the falls and take some photographs.

pookote lake banasura hill, wayanad

Pookote Lake Banasura Hill, Wayanad | Image Resource :

By then, my friend noticed the fresh water aquarium and wanted to visit it. We found a large variety of fishes, which adorned the aquarium. There was also offer for sale of those fishes. Further ahead, we walked to reach the way to Muthanga and Tholpetti wildlife sanctuaries. We didn’t have enough time to visit the sanctuaries.

Nevertheless, we trekked to the Banasura Sagar, which holds the recognition of being the second largest earth dam in the Asian Continent. The water sparkled in the sunlight and I had an intention of trying boating in the sagar. My friend wanted too and we took tickets for a ride on the speed boat.

edaakkal caves banasura hill, wayanad

Edakkal Caves Banasura Hill, Wayanad | Image Resource :

Next, we reached the Chain tree, which was amazing and then the Edakkal Caves. In the caves we were intrigued by the petro glyphs, which were dated 3000 years ago. The trip to the Banasura Hills was quite memorable and I wanted to visit this place again.

Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala – A Luxurious Stay at Budget Price

I should admit that this part of South India looked clean and green. The air was fresh and I took deep breath to enliven my senses. When we walked outside, we saw a few auto rickshaw drivers approaching us hurriedly. They competed with each other asking for our destination when we stood watching them like a prey ready to be grabbed. After some time, we saw them reach a consensus and one of them guided us to his vehicle to travel us to the hotel.

We reached the Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala within four minutes as it was just about one kilometer from the station. Located on SN Park Road, the hotel offered four-star accommodation facility and is regarded as a business and leisure hotel in Kannur. This six-storey building offered easy accessibility to many attractions in the city.

hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource :

We were welcomed at the entrance and ushered to the reception area, which was well-designed with wooden panels and furnished with matching fabric. There was a giant painting on the wall, which looked like modern art. Marvelously designed and colored pottery, big kuttuvilakku and big and small flower vases adorned the place beautifully.

reception area of hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Reception Area of Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource :

The hotel offered Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Club Suites to guests. I had booked a deluxe room through the budget hotels app, which offered me a discount. The check-in took only a few minutes and we were helped by a hotel staff to carry our bags to our room.

The double room looked well-furnished with wooden interiors. On the wooden wall there were photographs of paintings and designer lamps, which gave a rich look. The large window was etched with glass and draped with beautiful curtains. The window offered the beautiful view of the street and the greenery.

bedroom of hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Bedroom of Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource :

The twin beds with comfy mattresses added to the intimacy. The Hotel Blue Nile of Kannur offered other facilities such as air conditioning, ironing board, laundry service, 24-hour room service, wakeup service, doctor on call, concierge service, and so on.

Being a foodie, I was curious about the food at the hotel. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant, Copper Chimney, which offered a variety of local and other national and international dishes. There is also a 24-hour coffee shop, Canopy and an ice cream parlor, Igloo for snacks and desserts.