Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer : My Belly Dancing Inspiration!

I remember watching this belly dancing episode on TV with women who were dancing in the sand and they were so graceful it was almost as if the sand dunes were playing a melody for them! Awesome to see! I was so inspired that I told myself the next “Saachi Agarwal special” will be sand dunes and the one that came highly recommended was Sam Sand Dunes. Oopsie I forgot to introduce myself, hey you! I’m a 24 year old vivacious fashion designer whose love for travel cannot be expressed in words. Outings, train travel, street shopping, camping and photography give me the larger than life feeling! It’s what provides food to my soul! While I was watching this episode on T.V I was reminded of my native Jaisalmer. The rigid yellow sandstones, forts, my childhood memories, rich heritage, culture and history of the place and a hoard of other naughty things I did as a child and adolescent.

desert culture centre and museum jaisalmer

          Desert Culture Centre and Museum Jaisalmer |

The next step was to check with buddies and we decided to schedule our next hang out with friends to the Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer. Belly dancing, camping, train travel, photography, meditation, relaxing yoga aasanas, all became part of our agenda. Sam sand dunes are 42 kms away from Jaisalmer and we hired a jeep and a camel too to go on our safari. Our first look on Sam sand dunes was love at first sight! A mesmerizing and magnificent stretch of dunes from the camel back was overwhelming.

camel in sam sand dues

Camel In Sam Sand Dues | Image Resource :

The ride on the camel though the crests and troughs was a unique experience on its own. There was romance and solitude while we were travelling through the beauty of the desert. Strangely all of us were rather quiet, most of us just breathing in the beauty that was surrounding us. The earthy look, Rajasthani folk music and camping including some weird belly dancing moves were times we will always remember. It was a breathtaking experience overall. In spite of all the mad things we did, we also got time for thoughtful insight and contemplation.