Train Travel from Jaisalmer To Delhi by JSM-DLI Express – Something worth Remembering

Khamma ghani! Namaste! Hello everyone! I am Saachi Agarwal from the land of forts and yellow stone Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Apart from fashion designing, travelling and looking at new places is my second passion. Whenever I find myself tied in the strings of work, I lose myself into a quick weekend tour. It rejuvenates me and provokes a new zeal in me. After another irksome week, I planned a tour to ‘Heart of India’ Delhi with my colleague Sandra. I planned this tour on Thursday and easily reserved two sleeper class tickets in JSM-DLI Express.

On Friday, I wrapped up my work hurriedly and reached home at 1 pm. I packed my bag hastily and reached the railway station at 4.30 pm and started waiting for the train and Sandra. Jaisalmer is the least populated district of Rajasthan; this thing can be seen at its railway station too. It was calm, and only a few people waiting for their trains were wandering on the platform. Sandra arrived at 5 pm, which was quite annoying as I was waiting for her since 4.30. Anyway, my train travel from Jaisalmer (JSM) to Delhi (DLI) by JSM-DLI Express started at 5.15 pm.

jsm dli express

JSM-DLI Express | Image Resource :

There were hardly 5-6 passengers in our compartment and it was pleasing and scaring at the same time. We started chatting with each other, and an aunty from the nearby berth joined us. After a nice chit- chat, I started feeling hungry. At Jodhpur station, we bought food packets from the shop outside and had our dinner in the train. The train had a long 35-minute stay at Jodhpur and after that it rushed to its destination at a good speed. I started listening to songs in my iPod and Sandra resumed her unfinished novel.

I don’t remember when we fell asleep, but when I opened my eyes it was 7.15 am, the train was relaxing at Alwar junction and Sandra was already awake. We had tea together and after that we started discussing our schedule and memorising places we had to visit with the first place to visit being the India Gate. I have no idea whether the train was too fast or our discussion was too long. This approximately 18 hour-long train travel from Jaisalmer JSM) to Delhi (DLI) by JSM-DLI Express seemed so short to me. The train reached Delhi at scheduled time of 11.10 am.

new delhi entry gate

New Delhi Entry Gate | Image Resource :



Get your long Collection this winter

Now no more worries of being size zero or medium sized or heavy bottoms. This winter brings you a treat of “Just being yourself girls.” So, eat what you like, dress as you wish. The trend of long wear is back.

If you are, a teenager / college going then dress yourself up with fine print long kurtis tuning up with a legging. Go in for a warm cloth embroidered with fine works of threads and colourful prints.

You can too create a hep look, just by adding few big in size junk jewellery or carrying an accessory, which is visible.

Those heading to work can team up their choori pajama’s with the long formal wear kurtis. It is the most in trend as south-Asian fashion brand.

heavy embroidered long dress for girls

Heavy Embroidered Long Dress for Girls | Image Resource :

yellow and blue color anarkali collection for girls

Yellow and Blue Color Anarkali Collection for Girls | Image Resource :

The brides to be can to opt in long dresses, heavy embroidered Anarkali dresses, Frocks, and long shirts.

Most of the fashion designers are using the long trend to core and growing more on long collections these winters.

When choosing for a party or occasion in order to stand out go in for a printed long shirt, which has great neckline work. These days there are also Pakistani long shirts designs with Indian base to team up.

Few list of long dresses – Doubled layered long frocks, embroidered long shirts, and open front long shirts.

doubled layered long frocks for girls

Doubled Layered Long Frocks for Girls | Image Resource :

open front long shirts for girls

Open Front Long Shirts for Girls | Image Resource :

In addition, those who are willing to dress up in western wear can go for long coats with designer prints on shoulders giving your dress a classy look. If you are from those who dislike any patches on clothing then opt for plain coasts, with furry hand border, stylish buttons, / belt in front.

I would suggest going for a tri colour long sleeve patterned western dresses with long boots. In short, friends be confident about your choice and carry it well this will make you look more stunning and beautiful along with your dress.

A collection of few dressing ways for this winter. Hope you all like it. Stay tuned for more tips.

Photo Of The Week : Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort, Punjab

maharaja ranjit singh fort punjab

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort Punjab | Image Resource :

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort Punjab : The fort of Ranjit Singh is located in Phillaur in the Indian state of Punjab. The Punjab Police Academy is now located here. Historians or people who have interest in the nation’s history should visit this place. Although it cannot be termed as a tourist location, it definitely holds significance.

Qila Mubarak, Bathinda Punjab – An Ancient Repository

During my stay in Punjab I wanted to experience each and every bit of the state in every possible way. I had already visited a few of the famous places of the state, including a few national parks. It was the last ancient repository, which I was to visit in Bhatinda before I left the city. Therefore, I planned to visit the Qila Mubarak complex.

The Qila Mubarak complex was built in the eighteenth century in the year 1763. The entire complex is spread across an area of 10 acres of land. There is a magnificent hall that opens its arms when you enter into the Qila. There is the collection of arms and amours that were once used by Guru Gobind Singh.

qila mubarak bathinda punjab

Qila Mubarak, Bathinda Punjab | Image Resource :

entrance door of qila mubarak bathinda punjab

Entrance Door of Qila Mubarak Bathinda Punjab | Image Resource :

The inner part of the Qila is said to be Qila Androon, while it also has a set of apartments like Moti palace, Rajmata palace, Sheesh palace, palace of moon, palace of colors, and finally the Jail wala palace, which was meant for the royal prisoners during that time. There are colorfully painted chambers and recreational structures called Bagh Ghar and Putli Ghar.

Qila Mubarak is tucked away far from the heart of the city and is situated in an isolated area in Bhatinda. The city’s market, Dhobi Bazaar is not much far away from the qila but still one cannot find the distance walkway. The majestic Qila Mubarak also possesses several colorful birds in its vicinity. A large number of pigeons are found around the place and they are fed by the local people and tourists visiting the place.

history board of qila mubarak bathinda punjab

History Board of Qila Mubarak Bathinda Punjab | Image Resource :

canon in qila mubarak bathinda punjab

Canon in Qila Mubarak Bathinda Punjab | Image Resource :

The whole fort is now under the maintenance of the Gurudwara members as a gurudwara is still found inside the qila under maintained views. One of the most striking parts of the qila is the underground sewerage tank, which helps to cook food for hundreds and thousands of people under one roof. The high boundary wall of the qila is spectacular and I took lots of pictures as I am fond of photography. I captured some good stills in my lenses, which will serve the purpose of keeping my memories afresh for a long time.

Photo Of The Week : Golden Temple Punjab

golden temple punjab

Golden Temple Punjab | Image Resource :

Golden Temple Punjab : The Golden Temple located in Amritsar, Punjab is a must visit for all the tourists. The temple is also referred to as the Harmandir Sahib or the Darbar Sahib. It is a Sikh place of worship. It has an amazing architecture with gold lining which gives it a luxurious look.

Royal Bardia National Park, Punjab – Get More Close with Nature

It was the fourth day of my stay in Punjab. I was enjoying the state and its culture to its fullest. After all it was the thing which I wanted to do the most – traveling. Yes, my dreams were getting fulfilled and I was able to fill the pictures of lot of memories in the canvas of my life. I had already painted my memories with the tint of nature from the parts I had visited in Punjab recently. It was the fourth day and I wanted to spend the day in a national park or a bird sanctuary or simply a zoo. So finally I drew my conclusions and I zeroed in on at visiting the Royal Bardia national park. It was just the day after my visit to the Makalu-Barun national park in Bhatinda. But still I had a lot more to do in a national park and I had to click a lot of pictures to keep the memories cherished for a lifetime.

royal bardia national park punjab

Royal Bardia National Park Punjab | Image Resource :

The area spread by the Royal Bardia national park is not that big as the Makalu-Barun national park, but still it was a much large area that spread across a land of 968 square kilometers. The national park is a home for a large number of animals and birds from different species. Several endangered species and rare species are also found in this sanctuary. The major attractions of the park are the white tigers and white peacocks. I could also see number of giraffes, leopards, baboons, chinkara, blackbucks, nilgai, porcupines, sloth bears, Indian Munjtac, chital, hyena, wolf, lions, tigers, etc. A large number of birds like parrots, peafowl, painted storks, parakeet, duck, swan, flamingo, raptors, pelicans and white ibis are also seen the park.

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Elephant safari, jeep safari, camping, bird watching and bonfire are a few of the other interesting activities one can do while in the Royal Bardia national park. I am fond of adventure sports and activities, which involve creativity and fun. I wanted to do a camping there but since I had less time in my vanity and I had to cover other places of Punjab as well, I decided to move on with cherished memories in my mind.

Photo Of The Week : Muktinath Temple, Punjab

muktinath temple punjab

Muktinath Temple Punjab | Image Resource :

Muktinath Temple Punjab : Mukteshwar Temple of Punjab is regarded as one of the most sacred worship places in Punjab. It is a temple of Lord Shiva and is located at the banks of river Ravi. Every year, Mukteshwar Da Mela is held in this temple. The temple is also called as the Mukesran Temple.

Park Plaza Ludhiana, Punjab – An Accommodation to Remember

I was feeling really glad that I was visiting Punjab. And my trip was planned all of a sudden so there was no time to plan for the accommodation and book it. Therefore, I reached Punjab and talked with a few of the local people there regarding the accommodation and charges of various hotels in the place. Punjab is a state where one can find people from all walks of life. And so there are many hotels starting budget specialized to lavish ones. However, I always wanted to go for the budget hotels, which could provide me the basics of a decent hotel. After a thorough research I decided that I would check in the hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana.

park plaza ludhiana, punjab

Park Plaza Ludhiana, Punjab | Image Resource :

The hotel is a decent property that consists of the vintage architecture amalgamated with the styles of modern amenities. The hotel was much lavish to look at but everything about the hotel has impressed me from the very beginning itself. One would find a complete package of accommodation in the hotel as there were restaurants, salons, spas, shops, coffee and tea bars, and parking facilities for each guest. The guests can enjoy the hotel to their fullest by availing all these services provided in the hotel.

Now coming to the rooms that were provided to me in the hotel, I must say that each and every room was unique and one of its kinds. Basically there are two types of rooms in the hotel that are categorized as the Superior room and Club room. The rooms of the hotel are contemporarily designed with warm colors in the interior. Each and every room of the hotel is equipped with modern amenities that provide ultimate sophistication. The luxurious rooms also contain dark wood furniture with wooden flooring and dim lighting. LED cable television, tea/coffee maker, intercom telephone facilities and Wi-Fi services add to the charm of your stay. Other conveniences offered can be listed down as twenty-four hour front desk assistance, travel assistance, ironing, laundry, and dry cleaning services.

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I spent a good quality time in the spa of the hotel, which was much refreshing after my full day journey to different places of Punjab. I was highly satisfied with the rank of services that were provided to me during my stay in hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana.

Wagah Border, Punjab – A Connecting Line

I reached Chandigarh on a Thursday night. I went to my hotel and unpacked my bags. The very next day I decided to start my venture of journey to explore the Chandigarh city in more expanded manner. I looked into my ‘Travel Guide Book’ and chose to start with the Wagah Border. It is located in the Amritsar city and therefore, I traveled to Amritsar by a local bus. This border is known to be the only demarcation between India and Pakistan via Chandigarh. The place has some historical significance and I love to learn about places that have certain connectivity with the history of the country.

India and Pakistan got separated in the year 1947 and in the same year India got independence from the British rule. The Wagah border is the line of crossing between these countries which represent the two separate nations. However, one cannot see any other difference in the climate, surrounding and ambience of the two different nations while standing on the Wagah border or even crossing it. The two countries are separated by two heavy gates that are about 2 meters wide apart on either side.

wagah border punjab

Wagah Border Punjab | Image Resource :

The area near the Wagah border is much enticing and very much calling. Nature bestows its best beauties near the border. On the Indian side there is a huge gate which displays ‘Swarn Jayanti Dwar’ and the Indian national flag is held high amidst the gushing wind. One can enjoy the incredible patterns created by the sun during its setting time. The rising of the sun here is also one of the most spectacular views of the country. While the sun sets near the Wagah border, one can hear the cheerful voices of people from both the countries taking the names of their nations aloud. While the army present in Indian circle make loud cheers by calling out ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Vande Mataram’, one can also hear the emboldened voices of fellow Pakistanis cheering loud.

swarn jayanti dwar punjab

Swarn Jayanti Dwar Punjab | Image Resource :

The Wagah border remains open throughout the day starting from morning 10 a.m. till the evening when the sun sets. There are ceremonies held near the border every day and this is a spectacular view. The panoramic nature can be best enjoyed at Wagah border, Punjab.

Photo Of The Week : Rangla Punjab Haveli, Punjab

rangla punjab haveli punjab

Rangla Punjab Haveli Punjab | Image Resource :

Rangla Punjab Haveli, Punjab : If you are in the mood to really explore the richness of Punjab, you must visit Rangla Punjab. Visit Rangla Punjab and you will get the feel of visiting a traditional Punjabi village. It is sure to remind you of the bygone era. You will also get a taste of the rich cultural heritage of Punjab.