Wagah Border, Punjab – A Connecting Line

I reached Chandigarh on a Thursday night. I went to my hotel and unpacked my bags. The very next day I decided to start my venture of journey to explore the Chandigarh city in more expanded manner. I looked into my ‘Travel Guide Book’ and chose to start with the Wagah Border. It is located in the Amritsar city and therefore, I traveled to Amritsar by a local bus. This border is known to be the only demarcation between India and Pakistan via Chandigarh. The place has some historical significance and I love to learn about places that have certain connectivity with the history of the country.

India and Pakistan got separated in the year 1947 and in the same year India got independence from the British rule. The Wagah border is the line of crossing between these countries which represent the two separate nations. However, one cannot see any other difference in the climate, surrounding and ambience of the two different nations while standing on the Wagah border or even crossing it. The two countries are separated by two heavy gates that are about 2 meters wide apart on either side.

wagah border punjab

Wagah Border Punjab | Image Resource : topnews.in

The area near the Wagah border is much enticing and very much calling. Nature bestows its best beauties near the border. On the Indian side there is a huge gate which displays ‘Swarn Jayanti Dwar’ and the Indian national flag is held high amidst the gushing wind. One can enjoy the incredible patterns created by the sun during its setting time. The rising of the sun here is also one of the most spectacular views of the country. While the sun sets near the Wagah border, one can hear the cheerful voices of people from both the countries taking the names of their nations aloud. While the army present in Indian circle make loud cheers by calling out ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Vande Mataram’, one can also hear the emboldened voices of fellow Pakistanis cheering loud.

swarn jayanti dwar punjab

Swarn Jayanti Dwar Punjab | Image Resource : panoramio.com

The Wagah border remains open throughout the day starting from morning 10 a.m. till the evening when the sun sets. There are ceremonies held near the border every day and this is a spectacular view. The panoramic nature can be best enjoyed at Wagah border, Punjab.


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