The Grand Residency Hotel – Luxurious Experience in Every Aspect

It was time to make my journey grand, and in the city of Mumbai, nothing can fit better than the Grand Residency Hotel. Situated in Bandra, the Grand Residency Hotel Mumbai is easily connected to the rest of the city of Mumbai but through numerous transportation options. It is only a few minutes away from the famous spots of tourist attraction like Juhu Beach, Iskcon Temple and The Bandstand.

the grand residency hotel entrance

The Grand Residency Hotel Entrance | Image Resource :

the grand residency hotel reception

The Grand Residency Hotel Reception | Image Resource :

With luxurious facilities and opulent comforts, it indeed made my travel a grand one. The hotel featured some quality rooms for accommodation like deluxe rooms, one-room and two-room apartments. This comfort living offered me an ideal place for stay in Mumbai. In addition, with the well-appointed living and dining rooms, flexible configurations like LED TV, Wi-Fi connectivity along with well-stocked mini bar and coffee maker did ensure a complete comfort and peaceful stay.

the grand residency hotel deluxe room

The Grand Residency Hotel Deluxe Room | Image Resource :

the grand residency hotel one-room apartment

The Grand Residency Hotel One-room Apartment | Image Resource :

The top-notch services offered by the Grand Residency Hotel like gymnasium, chauffeured air transport, lobby café and doctor on call was bliss. Apartments promised a homely comfort and a serene atmosphere. I was thrilled by the sight from my room’s window, the clear blue sky with undisturbed view of the sea. The city lights itself was like an untold story.

the grand residency hotel lobby

The Grand Residency Hotel Lobby | Image Resource :

the grand residency hotel lobby restaurent

The Grand Residency Hotel Lobby Restaurent | Image Resource :

the grand residency hotel gymnasium

The Grand Residency Hotel Gymnasium | Image Resource :

Bandra, which is also known as the queen of suburbs, is indeed mesmerizing. The hotel also has a café in its lobby were it is easy to relax and enjoy the beverages. The hotel staff members are surely a magnetic feature for Grand Residency. They provide their best expertise to make the stay peaceful. From ironing of clothes to photocopy of papers, they provide everything. Providing customers without any kind of havoc or disturbance is their aim.

Backed by training and professionalism they surely know how to please their clients. My stay at the Grand Residency was indeed a grand one. With all the serene beauty and luxurious comforts available in the world, Grand Residency Hotel Mumbai does provide everything. After this plush stay, I started my tour of Mumbai. It is said that for starting of any new thing one should start from the God to make it successful. So, my destination was Siddhivinayak Temple.


My Train Travel from Jaisalmer to Mumbai – Assembling Two Routes and Three Cosmopolitan Cities

Meditation and yoga are what make me glee of my own fellowship. It is the pillar of my solace journey. Though the timeless culture and allure of Jaisalmer always dwells in me, I am perpetually prepared to explore the same in other ends too. India is stuffed with countless overwhelming places. My train travel journey from Jaisalmer to Mumbai was the portrayal of undying traditional Jaisalmer to ever-changing trends of Mumbai. This scrupulous thought was exciting me even more than ever.

My journey was segmented into two routes. First, from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur by JSM JU Express and then I fetched the evening train from Jodhpur to Bandra Terminus Mumbai via Surya Nagri Express. It was cool in the morning when I was packing for my date with Mumbai. JSM JU Express departed at 11.30 pm and I bid farewell to my birth city for a while. There was no time to think of anything as the night passed in a wink of an eye.

jodhpur station

Jodhpur Station | Image Resource :

The train was on full move to reach Jodhpur the next morning without any delay. Travelling through train has always been the challenging part of my isolated journey. And I have defeated it number of times. Being a girl of 24 my dreams are quiet high and so is my contribution to fulfill it. I believe the life is all about dreaming, living and fulfilling, rest I leave on my deity. Landing on the Jodhpur station with welcoming breezy air was totally a new experience for me. Without thinking much I arrived at Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur to take a few hours rest. The hotel was pre-booked by my friend for me. It was merely done to catch my evening train to Mumbai. Embodiment of hospitality with my religion as the base, the hotel is ideal to understand my very own culture with profundity.

heritage kuchaman haveli jodhpur

Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur | Image Resource :

surya nagri express

Surya Nagri Express | Image Resource :

The day passed staring the excellent hotel and I got recharged to fetch my train from Mumbai in the evening. My train travel journey via JSM JU Express, Surya Nagri Express with a little bit of rest in the Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur provided me an opportunity to meet the cultures of the three cities at a time. The next afternoon I was there to hit Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai.