Desert National Park, Jaisalmer : Nature’s Kodak Moment!

Most women like me, Saachi Agarwal, appreciate exquisite quality and comfortable garments that are styled tastefully. Quality comes at a price, we all know that. It’s always important to find places where we can find something nice to wear and defines everlasting beauty. The exploration to find something new and something different has led me to go to places and experience different cultures and evoke a new quest as a history lover. Now for those guys who are wondering whether or not to continue reading please wait coz this is all about fun and adventure. Let me tell you, this is not about my love for fashion that I’m sharing; it’s my passion for travel that I want to share with you. It’s about mad outings, crazy hang outs with friends. As part of recent budget travel escapades I decided to venture out to the Desert National Park, Jaisalmer. Some of my comates who go gaga over camping and photography said that they caught most of their award winning snapshots here.

desert national park jaisalmer

Desert National Park Jaisalmer | Image Resource :

street shopping jaisalmer

Street Shopping Jaisalmer | Image Resource :

So anyways I decided I must go and see this place, but before that I had to do some smart street shopping so that I could gear up and indulge as a true nature lover. The Desert National Park is in Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. It’s among the top protected sanctuaries in the country. Being the largest park in Rajasthan and other states it covers an area of 3100 sq. km. and harsh desert climatic conditions make it difficult for natural fauna to survive.

Among all the natural beauty and the dried up salt lake, I got some time to do my meditation and yoga which is one the finest I’ve ever been able to do. There is certain calmness and positive aura about this place, which was captivating. The Harriers, Indian Bustard, Buzzards, Vultures, Eagles, Falcons and Kestrels birds can be seen here. The Bharatpur Sanctuary nearby is a major habitat for migratory birds and because of this many of these birds also come to  Desert National Park, Jaisalmer.  It’s almost a struggle to survive in a desert.

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