My New Year Wishes To You and Your Family!

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This quote is quite realistic. No year is special unless you make it special. It is upto you how you choose to live and what decisions you make. Some things in life are inevitable and some are mere coincidence, no matter how much you try you cannot prevent them. So learn to embrace your life.


Photo Of The Week : Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai

mahalaxmi temple mumbai

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Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai : Mahalaxmi Temple and Haji Ali are prominent tourist locations in Worli. Both these places are located on an island. Devotees from all over Maharashtra make sure to visit the temple atleast once a year. The Darga at Haji Ali is known to be wish fulfilling. People come from far and wide with this belief.

My Train Travel from Jaisalmer to Mumbai – Assembling Two Routes and Three Cosmopolitan Cities

Meditation and yoga are what make me glee of my own fellowship. It is the pillar of my solace journey. Though the timeless culture and allure of Jaisalmer always dwells in me, I am perpetually prepared to explore the same in other ends too. India is stuffed with countless overwhelming places. My train travel journey from Jaisalmer to Mumbai was the portrayal of undying traditional Jaisalmer to ever-changing trends of Mumbai. This scrupulous thought was exciting me even more than ever.

My journey was segmented into two routes. First, from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur by JSM JU Express and then I fetched the evening train from Jodhpur to Bandra Terminus Mumbai via Surya Nagri Express. It was cool in the morning when I was packing for my date with Mumbai. JSM JU Express departed at 11.30 pm and I bid farewell to my birth city for a while. There was no time to think of anything as the night passed in a wink of an eye.

jodhpur station

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The train was on full move to reach Jodhpur the next morning without any delay. Travelling through train has always been the challenging part of my isolated journey. And I have defeated it number of times. Being a girl of 24 my dreams are quiet high and so is my contribution to fulfill it. I believe the life is all about dreaming, living and fulfilling, rest I leave on my deity. Landing on the Jodhpur station with welcoming breezy air was totally a new experience for me. Without thinking much I arrived at Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur to take a few hours rest. The hotel was pre-booked by my friend for me. It was merely done to catch my evening train to Mumbai. Embodiment of hospitality with my religion as the base, the hotel is ideal to understand my very own culture with profundity.

heritage kuchaman haveli jodhpur

Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur | Image Resource :

surya nagri express

Surya Nagri Express | Image Resource :

The day passed staring the excellent hotel and I got recharged to fetch my train from Mumbai in the evening. My train travel journey via JSM JU Express, Surya Nagri Express with a little bit of rest in the Heritage Kuchaman Haveli Jodhpur provided me an opportunity to meet the cultures of the three cities at a time. The next afternoon I was there to hit Mount Mary Church Bandra Mumbai.

Introduce Meditation to your Life

We all understand how hectic our life is. Everybody is in a hurry to reach somewhere be it school, university or work. We get up like a crazy person, running around our house to get everything done within the short time frame. This cycle continues throughout the day.

Most the people are restless and exhausted when they reach home. These kind of situations can adversely affect your family life. Therefore, I would recommend that you get up early in the mornings and meditate. A brief mediation exercise will help you calm the mind as well as your soul. Following such a routine at your place will help you live a happy and fulfilling family life.


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Even if you have just 15 minute. I would advise that you sit down, close your eyes, and try to concentrate on your breath. Don’t talk or think about anything just try to calm your mind. Doing this exercise for just a few minutes will cool your mind instantly. You have to do nothing but just sit in silence.

Improves your blood circulation and breathing process.

Having a deep breath is really important for every individual. Regular intake of oxygen allows your body to supply fresh oxygen to the brain and charge it. It is often noticed that people do not breath deeply therefore make sure you practice meditation regularly. It provides you with an ambience to concentrate on yourself.

Fitness with Meditation

Fitness with Meditation | Image Resource :

Let your body relax :

A regular person has countless amount of daily tasks such as guiding your colleagues, dealing with clients, Work hard, helping your wife, taking your kids to the load. Therefore it is important that once in a while you take a break from all these chaos for at least 15-20 minute every morning.

Add it in your schedule :

Waking up early, doing your household, leave for work and then come home at time may seem like a good and healthy lifestyle. You may be doing nothing wrong but the mental stress that you endure everyday will damage your health in time. Your brain needs relaxation and meditation is the answer. It will help you generate a positive vibe that stays with you throughout the day.

So slow down a bit and give your body sometime to revitalize, Start meditating today!

Thought of the day – Helen Keller

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Helen Keller is so right. Life is fun only when we take up all challenges boldly and face life like a warrior. What is life if you fear troubles and challenges? Nothing really! Life becomes interesting the moment we take up challenges and willingly live without accepting failure.

Photo Of The Week : Kumhrar Patna

kumhrar patna

Kumhrar Patna | Image Resource :

Kumhrar Patna : I love visiting historical places and that love for history is what took me to Kumhrar in Patna. It is the place where you can find the remains of Patliputra. I loved visiting and watching the remains of the Mauryan period. I enjoyed the visit completely and learned a lot about the Mauryan history.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna – A Marvel by the Engineers of India

When at Patna, I went to have a visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, which is a bridge that connected Patna in the south of Bihar to Hajipur in the north of Bihar. It is regarded as the longest man made bridge across a river in the world and is 5.6 km long. It was inaugurated in 1982 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who was the prime minister of India at that time. Before the bridge was constructed, people had to cross the river by boat or streamers to reach from Patna to Hijapur. The bridge is also called Ganga Setu.

mahatma gandhi setu patna

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna | Image Resource :

I saw that it was very impressive with two lane roadway and footpath on either side. The roads were 7.5 m wide and the footpath was 2 m wide. The bridge was spread over 45 pilers. I was told that the bridge was built by Gammon India Limited and the cost amounted to Rs. 87 crore. Presently the bridge is a part of National Highway 19. The bridge reflects the engineering skills of India and is a wonderful structure, which took a decade to complete. It started in 1972 and was completed in 1982.

I saw that the bridge was full of traffic running in opposite directions. Some people were walking along the footpath and some were standing at the rail, having a look at the river. I got down from the cab and stood at the footpath seeing that the river looked very wide and deep. I wondered how the bridge was constructed on such a large river. The cool breeze blowing was very refreshing and I stood there enjoying the coolness of it.

As it was evening, many people were walking on the footpath just for the fun of it.  Soon it was time for the sunset and I saw that the sun turned in to a red glowing ball. It was a beautiful sight and the water glowed red in the light of the sun. As the sun went down, lights came up on the bridge all through its length, making it even more beautiful. I had a ride on the bridge and then reached my hotel by 7.00 pm.

Mouthwatering Dish Of Patna : Ghugni


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Ghugni : I knew of Ghugni as an Eastern snack but never knew it was famous in Patna too. We had the dish from one of the roadside stalls. It was an impeccable snack, spicy just as I like it. I even took the extra effort to learn the recipe of this dish.

Photo Of The Week : The Panache Hotel Patna

the panache hotel patna

The Panache Hotel Patna | Image Resource :

The Panache Hotel Patna : I wonder why my friends keep praising The Panache Hotel, Patna. I hope to discover it in my next trip to Patna. I hope it is something beyond the rich décor that are displayed in Google images. A hotel should be homely and liveable. Luxury is secondary but people do not realise this.