Photo Of The Week : Ezhimala Beach Kannur

ezhimala beach kannur

Ezhimala Beach Kannur | Image Resource :

Ezhimala Beach Kannur : The extremely neat surroundings of Ezhimala beach made our drive to Kannur satisfying. The thrill we got while driving through the twists and turns of the road leading to this place cannot be explained. With the number of hairpin bends, the drive became more exciting! If you are with friends, then rest assured that this would be the best holiday ever!


Payyambalam Beach, Kannur – A Tourist Place to Enjoy a Quick Holiday

The people in Kannur are quite friendly and we had a wonderful time at the Dharmadham beach. I have never been to such a place where the beach is quite clean and offered a lot of nature. No doubt, Kerala has all the ingredients of a tourist state. We had our next itinerary fixed at the Payyambalam Beach Kannur.

My friend suggested traveling in a bus as she is conversant with the places and the language. We got the direction to the bus stop from a passerby and walked almost 200 meters to reach it. Kannur has an exemplary bus services to almost all places. The Payyambalam Beach is located at a distance of 5 km from the Dharmadham Beach. We took 15 minutes to reach the beach.

The vast stretch of sand was visible the moment we got down from the bus. This is one of the prominent beaches often visited by people. It looked quite secluded from the city and has recently become the best picnic spot for all kinds of people.

payyambalam beach kannur

Payyambalam Beach Kannur | Image Resource :

Unlike the other beaches The Payyambalam Beach has a beautiful entrance. We walked along the beach feeling the sand under the feet. The sand was warm and the breeze was refreshing. We looked at the far stretch of the ocean and longed to see the sunset. I wanted to play in the water and so I insisted my friend to accompany me. We joined a small crowd of children who ran to the shore shouting and cheering when the waves chased them. It was very enthralling making us go back to our childhood days.

Next, we moved on to visit the Beach garden which was created beautifully to attract the tourists. I was intrigued by the statue of the mother and child, which was positioned in the centre of the garden. I went near it to observe it carefully; it was created by Kanayi Kunhiraman. We sat in the garden for sometime enjoying the beauty of it.

payyambalam beach garden kannur

Payyambalam Beach Garden Kannur | Image Resource :

My friend updated me saying that she had seen this garden in a Tamil movie. I took a few snaps of the place and returned to our hotel room.

Photo Of The Week : St. John’s Anglican Church Kannur

st. john's anglican church kannur

St. John’s Anglican Church Kannur | Image Resource :

St. John’s Anglican Church Kannur : The Portuguese influenced church with the Thalasseri fort and the beautiful beach beyond it as its backdrop was the highlight of my Kannur trip. Truly felt that this place looked more like a bygone, yet a dazzling gem in God’s Own Country! The pristine tranquility of the place is the reason it attracts crowd yearlong!

Experience the Tranquility of Dharmadam Beach, Kannur

The stay at the Hotel Blue Nile was relaxing; I felt the room offered more privacy with enough space. The dinner last night was exemplary and we had our belly full. A foodie, I loved to try different food, especially the local and traditional. The rice with ‘vartha meen’, onion salad, chemeen varthathu and raw mango chutney were satiating and delicious. I could choose the best combinations with the help of my colleague.

The morning was pleasant with the refreshing sea breeze and we sat down to plan our itinerary. Our first place was fixed as the Dharmadam Beach, Kannur, which is located on the Island Road in Dharmadam. We checked for the passenger trains, which were not available at the time; nonetheless, there were frequent buses both private and KSRTC from the Kannur bus station. We planned to leave at 9 in the morning and travel by bus to Dharmadam.

dharmadam beach kannur

Dharmadam Beach Kannur | Image Resource :

We reached Dharmadam at 10 am and walked to the island, which is just 100 meters away. If you take it geographically, this place is an island and is easily accessible from Thalassery, a prominent town in Kannur. The place was covered with a lot of greenery. Other than the natural vegetation, we saw innumerable coconut palms lined on the borders. The Dharmadam Beach called the Muzhappilangad Beach offered a stretch of white sand to walk along.

I wanted to go to the Dharmadam Island, but we learned that it required permission. The island looked beautiful with waters of Anjarakandy River on the three sides and of the Arabian Sea on one side. The place has a lot of influence of European colonies with the buildings like Government Brennen College, Jeycee Special School, Rotary Special School, Kannur University, and so on.

Talking to a local person, we learned that there are a few attractions in and around Dharmadam. Again, with his help we engaged a cab to take us around. The first place we visited was the Catholic Rosary Church, which was about three kilometers from the beach. Positioned on the seafront, this church was built by the French and looked beautiful. The other places we visited were the Fisher Folk Temple and Sri Jaganatha Temple.

Photo Of The Week : Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

wayanad wildlife sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary : If there is a place that I felt was immersed in greenery, then I would immediately say it was the wildlife sanctuary at Wayanad! I was really stunned when I saw herds of elephants in their natural habitat and especially the scene of jackals hunting a bison was one of the most unforgettable scenes in this wildlife vacation!

My Train Travel from Jaisalmer to Kerala – A Long Journey Done Leisurely

Frankly speaking, my passion for traveling has taken me to many places in the country. A fashion designer by vocation, I have made traveling a part of my work for I update myself with the changes in the trends of fashion. Different people and their different cultures are my inspiration. To tell you the truth, I have developed a liking for learning different cultures, as well as history because of this.

Recently, I had good experience traveling to one of the happening towns in Kerala and I am quite thrilled to post my experience in my blog. Since I love traveling to the southern states of India, I fixed my destination this time as Kannur in Kerala. My colleague, who is a Malayalee by birth, promised to accompany me, which definitely solved my language problem there. Being strict budget travelers, we had our tickets booked in two trains through Kerala flight and hotel deal app and my train travel from Jaisalmer to Kannur started in a reasonably good way.

It was on Thursday when we started early to board the JSM JU Express (14809) from Jaisalmer railway station to travel to Jodhpur. The train was on time and departed at 6.15 am. The AC chair car was quite comfortable and the compartment was clean and adequately furnished. I was in high spirits, which I am generally when traveling. We spoke about the changing fashion in clothes when a young girl who got in from Pokran joined us in the discussion.

The train reached the Jodhpur Junction at 1 pm and we had ample time to go around the Jodhpur town shopping and watching a movie. The Bkn Kcvl Express (16311) from Jodhpur departed quite early in the morning at 1.15 am. Since we were tired, we slept immediately once we boarded the train. At the Ahmedabad Junction, the train halted for 25 minutes and we had our breakfast.

bkn kcvl express

Bkn Kcvl Express | Image Resource :

It was eleven in the morning and the day was quite hot. We had a family traveling to Mangalore in the train. The time passed quickly chatting and playing games, while the train raced passing many stations such as Vadodara Junction, Surat, Vasai Road, Panvel Junction, Madgaon, Mangalore and finally Kannur.

kannur railway station

Kannur Railway Station | Image Resource :

We had a long journey and were very tired; nevertheless, the fresh air at the station invigorated my senses. I looked for the way out and to the hotel, which I booked through Kerala flight and hotel deal app.

My favorite Veggie Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are one of the best type of food items. They are easy to make and quick. I am so much obsessed with them that I have gathered over 60 different recipes of making sandwiches.

Today, in this blog I’m going to share one of my favourite “veggie cheese sandwich” recipe.

These sandwiches can be prepared with within 15 to 25 Minutes.

Ingredients :

– Breads
– 1 tbsp of Chaat Masala
– 1/4 Cup of Grated Cheese
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Capsicum
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Tomato
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Onion
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Cucumber
– 1/2 Cup of Grated Carrot

sliced ingredients

Sliced ingredients | Image Resource :

Preparing Your Sandwich :

– Finely chop the cucumber, onion, capsicum, tomato and finely grate the carrot

– Gather all our ingredients in a bowl along with cheese, vegetables, chat masala

– Mix these ingredients properly

– Add 3 to 4 spoons of well prepared mixture on the bread and place pieces of breads on a tawa or griller one by one.

– Make sure to toast of both sides. Try to get brownish look. Apply a little pressure on the bread will seal the veggies inside them.

brown bread with butter

Brown Bread with butter | Image Resource :

cheese mix with veggies

Cheese mix with veggies |

brown bread with chutney

Brown Bread with chutney | Image Resource :

brown bread sandwich

Brown Bread Sandwich | Image Resource :

final grilled brown bread sandwich

Final Grilled Brown Bread Sandwich | Image Resource :

Note :

– Feel free to add vegetables like boiled potato, beetroots etc
– You can also add butter in this sandwich
– If you are not using chat masala then make sure to add salt.
– Try the Salt and pepper combination.
– Add grated walnuts for a crunchier feel.

Photo Of The Week : Hotel Grand International Raipur

hotel grand international raipur

Hotel Grand International Raipur | Image Resource :

Hotel Grand International Raipur : If there is one word to explain the Hotel Grand in Raipur, then it is grandeur modernized! Their prompt services elated me throughout the stay! The serene ambiance of the place was also one of the reasons for extending my stay. The aroma of the bakery captivated me and I never missed having cakes every day during my stay in this luxury hotel!

Indravati National Park, Chhattisgarh – An approach to Ecotourism

To take a stroll in the park is to cleanse one’s minds and be able to breathe pleasantly without any troubles or burden on one’s mind. Chhattisgarh is known for its abundant natural beauty, rich heritage, natural landscapes and a very unique tribal population. This unique combination has lead to the making of the most ideal eco-tourism destination in this region.

indravati national park chhattisgarh

Indravati National Park Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

The Indravati National Park is one of the finest and most famous wildlife parks in Chhattisgarh. It is also the only tiger reserve in the state. The park is very famous for its unique and diverse collection of wildlife and bird species, including some of the most endangered species like the Wild Buffalos, Hill Mynahs and more.

Not only was I spell-bound by the presence of untouched wildlife, but also by the beautiful hill ranges, lush green vegetation very unique to the wildlife park. There are mainly tropical and deciduous types of trees found in the park. Rich patches of grasslands also enhance the canvas and provide natural fodder to the wild buffalos.

Experience the bliss of nature by making your visit in the mid winter to spring, between December 15th and June 15th. Your stay will be very pleasant and the wildlife too will be in their best of appearances.

The Indravati National Park derives its name from the Indravati River that flows from east to west, forming the northern boundary of the reserve with the Indian State of Maharashtra.

I was thrilled by the varieties of Flora and fauna in the Indravati National Park. Sal, teak, bamboo, wild buffalos, chital, nilgai, tigers, leopards, freshwater crocodiles, cobras, monitor lizard and many-many more left me spell-bound and at a loss of words.

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My camera stands to share the beauty I witnessed in the Indravati National Park of Chhattisgarh. With a wonderful cross-breeze that stimulated my mind and the lovely wildlife that entertained me for the day, my mind is filled with images to keep me happy for a long time. It soothes me to see that nature is still left untouched and preserved in some parts of the world.

The Shahid Veer Narayan International Cricket Stadium of Chhattisgarh

Now who wouldn’t want to visit the famous international Cricket Stadium where the famous and popular sportspersons have shown their greatness? Cricket is more of a religion to India than a mere sport. People throng at the gates of the stadium to even catch a glimpse of any matches that take place here.

Inaugurated only in the year 2008, the stadium has already been declared as the second host venue for the Delhi Daredevils in the Indian Premier League. Constructed by the Government of Chhattisgarh, the layout has been fitted with modern sports arena, redone plush corporate boxes, media facilities, and heat-proof roofing.

Seeing the lush bright green evenly cut grass with the lines being set for the upcoming matches, I sense the breeze and the ambience of the stadium lulling me into cricket frenzy.

shahid veer narayan international cricket stadium of chhattisgarh

Shahid Veer Narayan International Cricket Stadium of Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

Most Indian Premier League Matches have been conducted here at the Shahid Veer Narayan International cricket Stadium of Chhattisgarh. The first International Standard Cricket Match to have ever been conducted here was between a Canadian National Cricket team against the State of Chhattisgarh, a One day International Match in the year 2010.

The stadium has also hosted a Half-Marathon on the theme “Let us Run”, in December 2012 on the 16th, marking the Vijay Diwas Day. The stadium also hosted eight T20 Matches of the Champions League Twenty20 in 2014 and for the first time in the history of CLT20 Matches, the qualifiers were sold out.

I am told that Veteran Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar rated the Stadium as one of the best in the country and even proposed to put it to use for all types of matches in the days to come. India’s favorite, Irfan Pathan was awed by the modern facilities at the stadium and is quoted to have said, “ When opportunities are created, and such facilities are in place, there is hope that cricketers will emerge. I hope to play again at this wonderful venue.”

I hear there are more CLT20 to be played here this year. Book your tickets early on and enjoy the matches in comfort and full of pep.