Photo Of The Week : Damdama Lake, Gurgaon, Haryana

damdama lake gurgaon haryana

Damdama Lake Gurgaon Haryana | Image Resource :

Damdama Lake, Gurgaon, Haryana : Recently, visited the biggest natural lake of Haryana, it is a famous picnic spot to hang out with friends and family. The lake has a pleasant climate, boating, and few eatery stalls consisting of snacks. A happy time with my besties, lazing out at lake and munching some local snacks.


An Interesting Train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express

Hi! It is nice to come again. There are several places that can serve as an excellent destination for a vacation. I had my eye on Bawal for this winter and it wasn’t long before I found myself with half my packing done. I spent the rest of the hours before I was to head off carefully packing and repacking my camera and double checking reserves of battery. My packing had not taken me much time and I had with me my most basic essentials for a memorable vacation that added up to just one suitcase. I intended to train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express. The train was to depart at five fifteen and it would take me overnight to reach Bawal.

jsm dli express

Jsm Dli Express | Image Resource :

I had reached the station by four in the afternoon. The early setting sun had cast a beautiful orange glow over the station and I wanted to watch it from one of the lonely corners of the platform while I waited for the train to show. The long express train finally pulled in with its fair share of angry whistling and bringing the roof down with the grinding of heavy wheels. I had a good twenty minutes on my hand before the train set off on its long winding journey.

I had booked myself an AC two-tier coach for my train travel from Jaisalmer (jsm) to Bawal (bwl) by Jsm Dli Express and I had found the confirmation of my seat online. I had found myself a window seat and was anxious to set off. I never pack lunch on journeys such as these so I ordered my dinner from the pantry car, stuffed my solitary suitcase under the seat and I was soon on my way, heading into the darkening evening sky. The night was quite uneventful besides meeting a couple of friendly fellow travelers who were on their way to Delhi. I had myself the lower berth and was woken by the soft morning glow around seven. I reached Bawal around half past eight which was around twenty minutes past expected arrival time. The train stops at the station for a mere two minutes. It reaches Delhi at eleven.

A Modern Twist to Indian Vintage Styles

Anyone who devotedly follows every aspect of fashion would tell you that the world of fashion is always bustling with activities. It never does really come to a stop, let alone halt. Such is my personality and dynamism as well. Hence, one could say that I literally took up fashion designing as it relates to me a lot.

I regularly come up with new and innovative ideas for my boutique. Whether it is creating an Indo-western fusion, experimenting with plaids, bringing in bright and neon’s or doing up with punk and pious prints, I pride in saying that I have witnessed it all and all my designs are in line with current fashion trends.

indian fashion

Indian Fashion | Image Resource :

Lately, I have been following the designs of others as well. One of the most renowned ones from my fraternity has took an extreme step of doing something magnificent. Call this thinking out-of-the-box for anyone who follows such a fashion is sure to be the cynosure of everyone’s attention.

Fusing modern trends with Indian vintage styles, the designer has created exceptionalities – which I really love and looking forward to adapt.

I was stunned to see the typical Maharashtrian-style saree, Lucknowi chikankari, and traditional embellishments becoming increasingly active on the runway. The collections are exotic enough and would simply bring a new texture to the regular party, wedding or occasional fare.


Saree | Image Resource :

lucknowi sarees fashion

Lucknowi Sarees Fashion | Image Resource :

The entire collection is inspired by vintage themes and thus women of the present generation would feel more feminine, elegant and glamorous donning a heavily embroidered salwar suit complemented by typical headgear and the ever-famous Maharashtrian saree as well.

However, keeping it unconventional, the use of blue, green, muted silver, gold, and light red has become increasingly evident. Even the use of a typical dupatta has been modified for good and now you are served with a superhero-like cape made out of it. Interesting, isn’t it?

Finally, the use of intricate lace work drew my attention. Taking great inspiration from this kind of work, I am all set to modify the current fashion trend and present completely new ideas to the Indian fashion market. Well for the women, they can put on hold their seasonal shopping for now as my brand new collections are just about to drop in! They would be available for all budgets!

A Tour Of The Swanky Capital Complex In Gandhinagar Gujrat

Capital Complex, located in the heart of Gandhinagar in Gujrat is in Sector 10. The complex is extremely well-laid out and houses government offices and legislature buildings. Organized, clean and sparkling walkways and roads connect the buildings, making for a classy maze of office buildings, akin to software parks housing various companies. The most famous of these is the Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan, a beautiful domed edifice, standing on a raised platform in the center of a circular lake. As our local guide explained to my sister and me, the Vidhan Sabha, as well as the legislature offices are housed in the Vidhan Sabha. Flanking this magnificent building are multi-storeyed buildings linked to the Vidhan Sabha via hanging corridors. The Sardar Bhavan, a swanky, modern building houses the various departments of the State Secretariat while the Narmada Bhavan houses the offices of the heads of departments. Being photography enthusiasts, my sister and clicked a number of snaps of the well-organized, modern and classy Capital Complex, a testimony to the efforts, vision and hard work of the people of Gujrat!

vithalbhai patel bhavan gandhinagar

Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

While most tourist hotspots do not feature more than a glimpse of famous political buildings, a tour of the Capital Complex is a real pleasure! The complex speaks volumes about the quiet development in Gujrat, progressing in leaps and bounds to give its people a beautiful, modern, progressive state, a place to take enormous pride in! While I am a lover of art, history and culture, my sister is well-versed with politics, current affairs and development in various parts of India, allowing us to compliment each other in knowledge and covering various aspects of Gujrat, including the art, architecture, tradition and culture.

Today’s tour of the complex with modern elements and recent advances was my sisters forte, and she gave us an unofficial tour of the magnificent Capital Complex. This was one of our more unusual nevertheless extremely satisfying tourist visits, having witnessed the progressive thinking of Gujrat, we wanted to see the same across our beautiful country!

As our bellies gnawed in hunger, we completed the tour of the Complex and headed to the closest restaurant for a sample of delicious Gujrati cuisine, the prefect end to another beautiful day in the grand state of Gujrat!

Capturing The Flavor of Gujrat With The Delicious Gujarati Cuisine!

There is no better place to indulge the tastebuds than in Gujrat, famous world over for delectable dishes in a unique, delicious cuisine. Gujrati food is primarily vegetarian and has the perfect blend of ingredients and spices to bring out a variety of flavors in a traditional ‘thali’ or platter. The ingredients and dishes are selected to balance taste and nutrition and the dishes are served in such a manner so as to present a delectable meal without being heavy on the stomach. My sister and I, huge foodies, enjoyed a meal in one of the traditional Gujarati restaurants, savoring the mouth-watering aroma from different spices and flavors. I had heard that the food is sweet, and did not think much of it, being more inclined to spicy Punjabi food! Until I took my first bite from the Thali!

The thali encompasses of a number of items including a light Khadi, a vegetable Shaak, Roti, Dal, salad, Chaas(an appetizing drink) and rice. The cuisine veers towards sweet. After a hectic lifestyle back home where I barely have time to grab a bite, a full-fledged meal with entree, main course and dessert was heaven! My sister loves tasting new cuisines and enjoyed the meal immensely. The highlight of Gujrati food is the subtle flavors brought out by a blend of spices. The Vaghaar blend is purified in hot oil and added to the daal.The locals also consume salt, sugar, lemon and tomato to prevent the body from being dehydrated in hot weather. Our trip to Gandhinagar was fun, enriching and rewarding, allowing us to sample the famous dishes and desserts of the cuisine from authentic Gujrati restaurants!

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Some of my favorite desserts are Basundi, Halvasan, Ghevar, Shrikhand and Malpua. Mouthwatering snacks include the famous Dhokla, Fafda, Khakra, Kachori, Khandvi, Khichu and Muthia! Must try vegetables and curries for the foodie include Undhiyun, Meethi Kadhi and Sev Tameta nu Shak!


Dhokla | Image Resource :


Fafda | Image Resource :

jeera khakhra

Jeera Khakhra | Image Resource :


Kachori | Iamge Resource :


Khandvi | Image Resource :

spicy corn kichu

Spicy Corn Kichu | Image Resource :

methi muthia

Methi Muthia | Image Resource :

sev tameta nu shak

Sev Tameta nu Shak | Image Resource :

Besides their curries, Gujrati breads are unique, including dishes like Bajri, Dhebara, Thepala and Bhakri. My sister and I had the most sumptuous meal of our lives in Gujrat, with chatter, song and folk dance the locals performed, educating us of the origin of their customs, local beliefs, recipes and good tourist spots, and of course, delicious, delicious food!


Bajri | Image Resource :

methi thepala

Methi Thepala | Image Resource :

Photo Of The Week : Swaminarayan Akshardham, Gandhinagar Gujrat

swaminarayan akshardham, gandhinagar gujrat

Swaminarayan Akshardham, Gandhinagar Gujrat | Image Resource :

Swaminarayan Akshardham, Gandhinagar Gujrat : Regardless of where I am travelling, I make it a point to check out the religious and cultural places there. Therefore, I couldn’t miss out on Swaminarayan Akshardham, Gandhinagar Gujarat. One of the cleanest and most alluring temples in India, this one is a must-visit place! After a short prayer meet, I went on to have a good snack time as the temple houses a number of food options!

A Lazy Day Our at Sarita Udhyan,Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is known as the green city in Gujrat. My sister and I saw for ourselves the green parks, vast boulevards, and shady avenues lined with large trees on either side, providing a natural, beautiful, green shield from the sun. Pavements in the city are a pleasure to walk on, owing to the broad branches full of leaves providing cool shade for pedestrians. Parks and gardens in the city were in full bloom when my sister and I visited, allowing us to capture beautiful pictures of flowers, birds and lush green foliage!

Located beside the Sabramati river, Gandhinagar offers visitors a fantastic blend of sparkling waters and greenery, a pleasing and calming sight for all those in the city. Among the most famous gardens in the city is the Sarita Udyan, located in Sector 9, on the bank of the Sabramati river.

sarita udhyan gandhinagar

Sarita Udhyan Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

The garden has a vast collection of flower and fruit trees, attracting a multitude of birds and butterflies, a lovely sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. This garden is also a picnic spot for tourists. My sister and I packed a large hamper of delicious Gujrati snacks like Kachori and Khakra, and sit amidst greenery to enjoy the scenic vista. Undulating lands beside the river add to the beauty and charm of the Sarita Udyan.

gujarati kachori

Gujarati Kachori | Image Resource :

gujarati khakra

Gujarati Khakra | Image Resource :

The deer park is another feature of the Udyan, where my sister and I spend hours watching the timid animals, admiring their nimble steps and rich coats.We took lots and lots of pictures of the deer, an entire herd investigating the tourists, and licking our fingers in hopes of grassy foodstuffs!

deer park sarita udhyan

Deer Park Sarita Udhyan | Image Resource :

Many locals and tourists take a morning or evening stroll through the garden, taking in the fresh air, sweet scents of flowers, colorful birds with a rich plumage, wide, shady walkways and benches at regular intervals for visitors to rest, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

We spent an entire day at the Sarita Udhyan, munching on tasty snacks, clicking photographs, watching children hide behind trees, adults relaxing my the rivers or on benches, enjoying the lazy atmosphere and idyllic setting in this picturesque park.

gujarati dhokla

Gujarati Dhokla | Image Resource :

gujarati phaphra

Gujarati Phaphra | Image Resource :

gujarati khandvi

Gujarati Khandvi | Image Resource :

A Luxurious Stay at the Fortune Inn Haveli In Gandhinagar, Gujrat!

On our visit to Gandhinagar, Gujrat, we were housed in the Fortune Inn Haveli, a classy, contemporary budget establishment. Gandhinagar is one of the greenest cities in India, with a well planned layout and beautiful architecture, a lovely sight for any tourist in the city. Our hotel, the Inn, is situated in the heart of the city, opposite the secretariat. InfoCity and the famous temple Akshardam are located within three kilometers of the hotel.

gandhinagar fortune inn haveli

Gandhinagar Fortune Inn Haveli | Image Resource :

This establishment was the perfect choice for my sister and me, affordable yet offering world class services and facilities. What impressed us most was the warm, Indian hospitality, ushering us in with the quintessential ‘Namaste’ and a polite bow. The rooms are large, spacious and elegantly furnished and well equipped with modern amenities, suited for two ladies in their twenties, on a mission to conquer the world! we enjoyed complimentary internet access via Wi-fi, allowing us to tweet, Whatsapp and update posts on Facebook, informing friends of our delightful time in the beautiful state of Gujrat!

Helping us plan our schedule was the front desk, providing us schedules and transport details for local sightseeing in Gandhinagar. My sister and I engaged in a bit of competitive snooker, and took some time off to unwind with massages, and a session in the spa and sauna, giving us the much need relaxation we required after a hectic schedule at work.

Foodies that we are, we tried the in-house multi cuisine restaurant, offering guests a delectable array of dishes and a sumptuous buffet, allowing guests to sample the local cuisine or indulge in exotic tastes should they desire it. One can avail the buffet or choose from the Ala-Carte menu, each serving mouth-watering, world class, authentic local and exotic dishes.

After a satisfying meal, my sister and I went back to our room for our siesta, relaxing after a long journey. The beds were soft and welcoming and we longed to catch our forty winks, elusive over the last week owing to pressing deadlines and hectic work.

A lovely hotel, a feast at the restaurant and a warm, comfortable bed to lay ourselves in, our holiday has just begun!

Photo Of The Week : Children’s Park, Gandhinagar Gujrat

children's park gandhinagar gujrat

Children’s Park Gandhinagar Gujrat | Image Resource :

Children’s Park, Gandhinagar Gujrat : After checking out a couple of historical sites in Gandhinagar, me and my friends decided to chill out at the Children’s Park. Exclusively meant for children, it is one where even grown-ups can spend some leisure time and enjoy boating, riding mini train or even climbing up the small hills. We spent our time enjoying at the gaming zone where there are tons of fun activities!

An Inspirational Visit to Science City, Gandhinagar

Science City is a famous tourist destination in Gujrat, one that my sister and I were eager to visit. Being a photography enthusiast, I was very keen in capturing some great snaps of this unique destination. After a delicious breakfast at out hotel, we set out to the Science City after renting a car for the journey. Science City was a comfortable distance away and it took us a little over an hour to get there. Both my sister and I were very excited to visit this place. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind concept found only in Gujrat, an entire complex dedicated to science.

The tourist hotspot is located off the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. Science City is an ambitious, progressive and interesting initiative of the government of Gujarat to encourage its citizens to pursue science as a career, and trigger an inquiry of physics, chemistry and biology, the three basic sciences as well as to foster a scientific bent of mind in children, adults and students alike. A fantastic initiative by the government, I was sure that Gujrat would soon be home to the most famous scientists, professors and inventors of our century.

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Science city covers an impressive area of about 107 hectares, housing virtual reality spaces, imaginative and innovative exhibits, live demonstrations of concepts in science to make it easy for students of the subject to follow. The complex houses the 3D Imax theater, an energy park, musical dancing fountain, simulation rides and other science and technology based exhibits for better understanding of the world around us.

Having an education in science, my sister and I enjoyed the park immensely. Having been cut off from the rest of the world around me, buried in my work, I now marveled at the progress this state has made. Not only is it super-clean and extremely well-organized, the people are now looking to foster education and progressive thinking with fantastic initiatives by the government.

We were thoroughly impressed looking at the vast, sprawling land dedicated to science and sincerely hoped Gujrat would serve as a model and inspiration to others, with more and more such complexes coming up in other states in India, leading the country to fantastic advances in science and technology!