The Fun Hunt to Raipur from Jaisalmer Begins : Days Filled With Fad, Food and Frolic!

Now I may be am amateur to express my opinion on a global forum, but being born and raised in the Golden City of Rajasthan, I can assure you that there is no place like Jaisalmer. An avid fashion geek, foodie and adventure lover, I am open to variety and experimenting newer things in our world. And so, I had decided to visit one of the historical cities of India, Raipur.

Having no idea about the city of Raipur, I was clueless about the travel lines and accommodations in the city. The advanced technology of this generation came of much help to me. I found several options of Raipur flight plus hotel booking, which could have been a pinch in my budget, plus numerous trains that could take me on my journey.

jsm ju express

JSM JU Express | Image Resource :

The matter of booking a hotel room was also completed in the click of a button. I took the JSM JU Express from Jaisalmer the first evening. It would take me to Jodhpur, from where I would have to take the JU Puri Express to reach the adventurous city.

ju puri express

JU Puri Express | Image Resource :

The Scenic picture that the sky was painted with looked like a canvass off an art gallery wall. The sound of the train track, the thrum of the people, piping hot teas and the cool breeze, lulled me into slumber as I closed my eyes dreaming of what lay ahead of me. Tiny villages, cities and stations passed by in a blur and I was already filled with pictures to write a whole book about.

The journey I took from Jaisalmer was like a leaf off a Ruskin Bond Tale. The breathtaking view of the various cities I passed through was worth the trip by train. Fitting my budget and still giving me much to write and cherish was a choice worth the money.

The simple girl from the rubbles of Jaisalmer was about to pain the city of Raipur with fluorescent colors now. With my entire journey planned and scheduled out, I was eager to reach my destination and with haste.


My Train Travel Journey from Jaisalmer to Bhopal via Jodhpur – An Enjoyable Experience

It is very important for a fashion designer to take a break every once in a while. The creative juices tend to flow better after coming back from an enjoyable trip. This is why I grabbed the opportunity to go to a trip to Bhopal with my friends. We were all very much charged up for the journey. The preparations had been completed by the previous day of the journey and we packed in all our woollen garments. It was winter and we expected the weather to be quite cold in Bhopal. We left for the station early. Our plan was to travel in 2 routes, first started our journey from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur by jsm ju express. We booked our hotel at Indana palace Jodhpur and then continued our journey from Jodhpur to Bhopal by Ju puri Express

jsm ju express

Jsm Ju Express | Image Resource :

My train travel from Jaisalmer to Bhopal via Jodhpur promised to be an enjoyable one. We boarded the Jsm Ju Express which would take us to Jodhpur. From there we had a connecting train to Bhopal. The Jsm Ju Express left Jaisalmer at 11:30 pm. We settled in our seats for the night and quickly fell asleep. The next morning we were awake early in the morning. The train reached Jodhpur early in the morning the next day. We had to stay there for some time in a hotel as the connecting train was in the afternoon. The Indiana Palace Hotel was our stop at Jodhpur to take a bit of rest and refresh ourselves. The five-star accommodation had all the facilities that a world class hotel has. The staffs were very caring and took great care of us. We had our breakfast in the cafeteria of the hotel. We booked a room for a day and refreshed ourselves.

indiana palace hotel jodhpur

Indiana Palace Hotel Jodhpur | Image Resource :

After having a sumptuous lunch at the buffet set up by the hotel we started for the station. The ju puri express was scheduled in the afternoon. The train was already there at the platform when we reached. We settled down for the rest of the journey. The remaining journey was a smooth one. My train travel from Jaisalmer to Bhopal via Jodhpur came to an end. It was a very enjoyable one as we played cards and listened to music. The start to the trip paved the way for the remainder of the tour.