Tempting Food Lucknowi Mutton Biryani

Lucknowi Mutton Biryani

Lucknowi Mutton Biryani | Image Resource : zaffrano.in

Lucknowi Mutton Biryani : This subtle traditional authentic dish is a mish mash of separately cooked rice and meat clustered together in layers and served with an ecstatic taste. The method may be a time consuming one but the result is a saffron- blushed refined delicacy anyone would want.


Food of the Week : Sheermals Lucknow

Sheermals Lucknow

Sheermals Lucknow | Image Resource : healthzoneindia.com

Sheermals Lucknow : The Sheermals is the famed flat bread from Lucknow which is served rich and spicy meat delicacies. It was introduced to India by the Nawab rulers. It is delicately flavored with saffron and is orange in color. There are many restaurants in the city which prepare the dish in an authentic manner.

Delightful Dish of the Week : Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow | Image Resource : yummraj.com

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow  : I have a sweet tooth and when I was told of this exotic dish of Lucknow I could not stop myself from indulging in it.It has the most deliciously soft texture. The chandi ka warq or the silver covering on it is something that had me digging into it enthusiastically. The sugar syrup and the filling inside left me wanting more.

Tempting Food of the Week : Tokri Chaat Lucknow

Tokri Chaat Lucknow

Tokri Chaat Lucknow | Image Resource : mountl.blogspot.com

Tokri Chaat Lucknow : One of the yummiest snacks I have every tasted in my life is this tokri chaat of lucknow.Imagine the basket being made of grated potatoes and in it is filled the freshest kinds of fruits and yogurt and spices and baked goodies. Eating it is the most heavenly experience I have ever had. I had it at a café in Hazraganj and could not stop drooling.

Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala – A Luxurious Stay at Budget Price

I should admit that this part of South India looked clean and green. The air was fresh and I took deep breath to enliven my senses. When we walked outside, we saw a few auto rickshaw drivers approaching us hurriedly. They competed with each other asking for our destination when we stood watching them like a prey ready to be grabbed. After some time, we saw them reach a consensus and one of them guided us to his vehicle to travel us to the hotel.

We reached the Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala within four minutes as it was just about one kilometer from the station. Located on SN Park Road, the hotel offered four-star accommodation facility and is regarded as a business and leisure hotel in Kannur. This six-storey building offered easy accessibility to many attractions in the city.

hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

We were welcomed at the entrance and ushered to the reception area, which was well-designed with wooden panels and furnished with matching fabric. There was a giant painting on the wall, which looked like modern art. Marvelously designed and colored pottery, big kuttuvilakku and big and small flower vases adorned the place beautifully.

reception area of hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Reception Area of Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

The hotel offered Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Club Suites to guests. I had booked a deluxe room through the budget hotels app, which offered me a discount. The check-in took only a few minutes and we were helped by a hotel staff to carry our bags to our room.

The double room looked well-furnished with wooden interiors. On the wooden wall there were photographs of paintings and designer lamps, which gave a rich look. The large window was etched with glass and draped with beautiful curtains. The window offered the beautiful view of the street and the greenery.

bedroom of hotel blue nile, kannur, kerala

Bedroom of Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur, Kerala | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

The twin beds with comfy mattresses added to the intimacy. The Hotel Blue Nile of Kannur offered other facilities such as air conditioning, ironing board, laundry service, 24-hour room service, wakeup service, doctor on call, concierge service, and so on.

Being a foodie, I was curious about the food at the hotel. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant, Copper Chimney, which offered a variety of local and other national and international dishes. There is also a 24-hour coffee shop, Canopy and an ice cream parlor, Igloo for snacks and desserts.


My favorite Veggie Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are one of the best type of food items. They are easy to make and quick. I am so much obsessed with them that I have gathered over 60 different recipes of making sandwiches.

Today, in this blog I’m going to share one of my favourite “veggie cheese sandwich” recipe.

These sandwiches can be prepared with within 15 to 25 Minutes.

Ingredients :

– Breads
– 1 tbsp of Chaat Masala
– 1/4 Cup of Grated Cheese
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Capsicum
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Tomato
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Onion
– 1/4 Cup of Freshly Chopped Cucumber
– 1/2 Cup of Grated Carrot

sliced ingredients

Sliced ingredients | Image Resource : vegrecipesofindia.com

Preparing Your Sandwich :

– Finely chop the cucumber, onion, capsicum, tomato and finely grate the carrot

– Gather all our ingredients in a bowl along with cheese, vegetables, chat masala

– Mix these ingredients properly

– Add 3 to 4 spoons of well prepared mixture on the bread and place pieces of breads on a tawa or griller one by one.

– Make sure to toast of both sides. Try to get brownish look. Apply a little pressure on the bread will seal the veggies inside them.

brown bread with butter

Brown Bread with butter | Image Resource : vegrecipesofindia.com

cheese mix with veggies

Cheese mix with veggies | tearoominthesky.com

brown bread with chutney

Brown Bread with chutney | Image Resource : vegrecipesofindia.com

brown bread sandwich

Brown Bread Sandwich | Image Resource : vegrecipesofindia.com

final grilled brown bread sandwich

Final Grilled Brown Bread Sandwich | Image Resource : healthy-food-magazine.com

Note :

– Feel free to add vegetables like boiled potato, beetroots etc
– You can also add butter in this sandwich
– If you are not using chat masala then make sure to add salt.
– Try the Salt and pepper combination.
– Add grated walnuts for a crunchier feel.

At Hotel Golden Oak – A Fitting Name For Their Royal Service

Who would have thought in a city like Raipur, one could find the luxurious amenities that one finds in this well advanced generation. When I arrived at Raipur railway station, I was prepared for the worst, thinking it would only be sufficient to suit my budget. But what I witnessed was way over the quality and quantity that I could have imagined.

With a subtle sign for a name board and a very simple looking building from outside, the Hotel Golden Oak Raipur was a stunningly designed lavish looking hotel with top-notch service and assistance at my beck and call. Raipur city looked like it had jumped eons of development in the blink of an eyelid.

The tech savvy world has handed me with simple Hotel booking app, which is quite easy and convenient mode of booking hotels. The suites of the hotel were of excellent taste and the ambience was welcoming and cozy to the occupant too. The services available in the rooms were nothing less than what one would find in a five star hotel at a metro city.

Traveling alone can be boring at times. With all the facilities and amenities inside my hotel accommodation, I was inspired to explore the city more during my stay. Air-conditioning to keep me cool throughout, a minibar filled with refreshments; at a reasonable tariff of course. Cable Television, In house Coffee/Tea making provision, direct dial telephone and high speed Wi-Fi for me to update my blogs.

hotel golden oak reception

Hotel Golden Oak Reception | Image Resource : booking.com.

hotel golden oak restaurant

Hotel Golden Oak Restaurant | Image Resource : raipur.top-hotely.cz

The restrooms were spotless and so neat that it didn’t seem like I were in a hotel. I felt quite at home and pampered. What with the sofa, refrigerator, daily newspaper and even a writing desk, I felt quite comfortable. The bathroom was replenished with hot and cold water along with multiple toiletries as and when I required them.

hotel golden oak bedroom view

Hotel Golden Oak Bedroom View | Image Resource : raipurdirectory.com

Now it was time to sit back and relax the night and replenish my strength for my upcoming days of fun, exploring and education. A power packed meal from their multi cuisine restaurant not only tickled my senses but gave new insight to my taste buds.

Street Food of Mumbai – Taste Has No Limit Here

Everything in the world is changing, except for the delicious taste of street foods of Mumbai. People from around the world come to the city of dreams for its mouth-watering foods. When the food is so great, it doesn’t matter it is on the road or pavement, what matter is the satisfaction achieved from consuming it. Some famous streets food and popular dishes of Mumbai have become a face of true taste with affordable prices.

I started my foodie journey from Batata vada. It is the most liked and consumed street food in the whole state of Maharashtra and with the exquisite taste, it surely deserves to be the number one. It did look similar to pakoras but it was far more rich and tastier than it. Some say that the vegetarian foods are not that delicious as compared to the non-vegetarian items. If they have just a bit of Batata vada, they will surely think again. After tasting, the superb taste of Batata Vada my hunger for street food was even more than before.

batata vada

Batata Vada | Image Resource : udarbharna.wordpress.com

sev puri

Sev Puri | Image Resource : lifetravelfoodphotography.wordpress.com

I moved along and had a bit of sev puri. It is surely one of the cheapest and yet tastiest snack in whole Mumbai. People parked their Mercedes and Audi cars in the side lane just to have a bit of the snack. No matter whichever season it is, the taste of sev puri can suit me anytime. Even at the fancy restaurants of five-star hotels, sev puri is a common dish ordered by people.

After the sev puri it was time to try some fast food of Mumbai. The most loved option of the working people and whoever have arrived in Mumbai and struggling with the expenses can find a suitable spot at the pav bhaji vendor. Cheap and yet heavenly tasty option is the healthy and yet fulfilling at the same time. Fried butter and crispy layer of the pav can relieve any tension and make the mind completely relaxed. Street food of Mumbai is the main reason why people forget about their lands and stay in love with this city. After fulfilling my hunger, I started back to my hotel.

pav bhaji

Pav Bhaji | Image Resource : mygenieblog.com

Photo Of The Week : Inorbit Mall Mumbai

inorbit mall mumbai

Inorbit Mall Mumbai | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Inorbit Mall Mumbai : So many malls, but Inorbit mall in Mumbai will sure catch the attention of someone who’s in love with fashion and colors! Also with the awesome food court makes for the perfect hangout-spot. Weekends can be drag as it gets crowded but the sales and all makes up for it. All brand-loving people you got almost anything and everything here!

The Grand Residency Hotel – Luxurious Experience in Every Aspect

It was time to make my journey grand, and in the city of Mumbai, nothing can fit better than the Grand Residency Hotel. Situated in Bandra, the Grand Residency Hotel Mumbai is easily connected to the rest of the city of Mumbai but through numerous transportation options. It is only a few minutes away from the famous spots of tourist attraction like Juhu Beach, Iskcon Temple and The Bandstand.

the grand residency hotel entrance

The Grand Residency Hotel Entrance | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

the grand residency hotel reception

The Grand Residency Hotel Reception | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

With luxurious facilities and opulent comforts, it indeed made my travel a grand one. The hotel featured some quality rooms for accommodation like deluxe rooms, one-room and two-room apartments. This comfort living offered me an ideal place for stay in Mumbai. In addition, with the well-appointed living and dining rooms, flexible configurations like LED TV, Wi-Fi connectivity along with well-stocked mini bar and coffee maker did ensure a complete comfort and peaceful stay.

the grand residency hotel deluxe room

The Grand Residency Hotel Deluxe Room | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

the grand residency hotel one-room apartment

The Grand Residency Hotel One-room Apartment | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

The top-notch services offered by the Grand Residency Hotel like gymnasium, chauffeured air transport, lobby café and doctor on call was bliss. Apartments promised a homely comfort and a serene atmosphere. I was thrilled by the sight from my room’s window, the clear blue sky with undisturbed view of the sea. The city lights itself was like an untold story.

the grand residency hotel lobby

The Grand Residency Hotel Lobby | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

the grand residency hotel lobby restaurent

The Grand Residency Hotel Lobby Restaurent | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

the grand residency hotel gymnasium

The Grand Residency Hotel Gymnasium | Image Resource : grandresidency.com

Bandra, which is also known as the queen of suburbs, is indeed mesmerizing. The hotel also has a café in its lobby were it is easy to relax and enjoy the beverages. The hotel staff members are surely a magnetic feature for Grand Residency. They provide their best expertise to make the stay peaceful. From ironing of clothes to photocopy of papers, they provide everything. Providing customers without any kind of havoc or disturbance is their aim.

Backed by training and professionalism they surely know how to please their clients. My stay at the Grand Residency was indeed a grand one. With all the serene beauty and luxurious comforts available in the world, Grand Residency Hotel Mumbai does provide everything. After this plush stay, I started my tour of Mumbai. It is said that for starting of any new thing one should start from the God to make it successful. So, my destination was Siddhivinayak Temple.