Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad – Experience the Impressive Decor And Good Ambience

Once out of the railway station, I hired a taxi and headed directly to Hotel Kanha Shyam Allahabad. Having travelled in the train the entire morning and with the lack of proper sleep, I could not wait to get to my reserved hotel room and relax for some time.

I reached the hotel within 10 minutes. The location of the hotel was very prominent and there were several malls and shopping centres in the near vicinity of the hotel. I made a mental note to visit these shopping centres when I did get some free time. Huge gates opened to let us enter the hotel and after paying the cab driver, I walked into the lobby.

hotel kanha shyam, allahabad

Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad | Image Resource :

The hotel had an impressive decor and good ambience. A very helpful receptionist greeted me and after giving details of my reservation, a porter helped me carry my luggage to the room. My deluxe room had wooden flooring and there was a writing table and a coffee table at each corner. The double bed had clean bed sheets and there was a television set right opposite to the bed.

I was hungry and instead of going to the restaurant within the hotel, I called the reception and asked them to deliver the food to my room. By the time the clock struck 3 O’clock, I finished freshening up, had my lunch and went on to have a sound sleep until 5 PM.

In the evening, I went to the coffee shop and ordered for coffee. The delicious aroma made me feel hungry again and I order some snacks too. Later, I went to the travel desk of the hotel and enquired about the places, which I planned to visit. I was happy to know that most of the locations on my list were very near to the hotel. The hotel staff informed me that they would make all the arrangements for me visit the sightseeing locations, if needed.

The courteous nature of the staff at Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad is noteworthy. I went to my room and made plans to start my sightseeing spree from tomorrow morning. It was a good thing that the hotel provided WI-FI connection with good speed. I browsed the internet and charted out the visit for each day. Later, I visited one of the malls nearer to the hotel.


Photo Of The Week : Cafe Elchico Restaurant, Allahabad

cafe elchico restaurant, allahabad

Cafe Elchico Restaurant, Allahabad | Image Resource :

Cafe Elchico Restaurant, Allahabad : If you happen to visit Allahabad and wish to dine in a good restaurant, my suggestion would be El Chico Hotel. It has a multi-cuisine menu. You have several food options to choose from. The food tastes amazing. It is indeed fingerlicking good and I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch here.

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad – Experince the Beauty and Originality of the British Architecture

After a good sleep the previous night, I woke up at 6AM on Wednesday morning, did my yoga, freshened up, had breakfast and by 7.45, I was on my way to All Saints Cathedral. Being at a distance of less than a kilometre from the hotel, I decided to walk to the Church.

The church was nothing close to what I had expected to see. The magnificence of the huge red & brown stone building stunned me. I later learnt that the locals call it “Pathar Ka Girja” meaning the church made out of stone. Looking at the building, you would almost mistake it for a huge hotel or a castle. The design on every nook and corner of the building is fantastic. As per the information that I got, I learnt that the total height of the church is almost 250 feet tall!

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad Entrance

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad Entrance | Image Resource :

This Church built during the British rule in India, has a Gothic touch to it. A beautiful and well-landscaped garden runs around the church building. Considered one of the holy places of Allahabad, the church has some murals displayed on the walls and the designs on it are quite intricate. The smooth flooring and the marble altar are worth examining to understand the fine architecture and finesse that requires in building such a magnificent structure.

all saints cathedral, allahabad

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad | Image Resource :

inside view of all saints cathedral, allahabad

Inside View of All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad | Image Resource :

There were beautiful glass chandeliers that hung down from the high ceilings of the church. Inside the church, the work is entirely of marble or glass and even after several years, they have managed to retain the beauty and originality of the British architecture.

I have seen several pictures of the church on various websites. The pictures, taken during the night times especially, looked beautiful in the light. However, those pictures are nothing compared to the real view and feel of the church when I actually visited it. The towers were beautiful and the Central Tower is in the memory of Queen Victoria. The area surrounding the church was very clean and well maintained too.

By 8.45 AM, I finished the church visit, walked around the entire stretch of the All Saints Cathedral Church, and took several pictures.

Allahabad Museum – A Perfect Place to Learn and Enjoy

After my visit to the Church, I headed to the hotel since my next place of visit was the Allahabad Museum. As per the hotel’s travel desk information, the Museum opened only at 10.30 AM, so I had more than an hour to myself. At 10.15 AM, I was again out of the hotel and decided to walk to down to the Museum. It took me less than 10 minutes to reach the place.

The location of the Museum was very prominent. The wide, brick brown structure along with the sprawling green lawn at the front and the plush garden, was an attraction enough for the visitors to enter. Once inside, the enormity of the museum and the various collections held me spellbound. There are 18 galleries in the Museum. The various collections include the Indus Valley Civilization art and artefacts, Stone sculptures, the literary gallery of the freedom fighters and other famous personalities and pre-historic tools with the terracotta utensils.

allahabad museum allahabad

Allahabad Museum, Allahabad | Image Resource :

The best feature is that each section has a separate theme. In one of the halls, there was a huge framed photograph of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru along with some of his personal belongings, documents and an autobiography, which he wrote. It gave me a warm feeling to sense these personal effects, since I have only heard of them before, but to see them in real and to feel the bygone eras was something else!

Another gallery, which attracted my attention, was the terracotta collection. The oldest terracotta material, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, is in this Museum. Statues of dancing scenes, armours, feast and hunting is worth seeing and getting to know about the earlier civilization. There was also a gallery displaying gold coins and other coin collection belonging to the Gupta and the Kushana period.

gupta coin collection in allahabad museum

Gupta Coin Collection in Allahabad Museum | Image Resource :

The Ministry of Culture does a great deal to make the guests’ visits as informative as possible. There were several maps and charts to make the visitors understand the uses and importance of the artefacts displayed in the museum. There were several displays of paintings from the Bengal School of art too. The gallery containing Roerich’s painting is worth a visit. The display of different automobiles from the year 1948 was good.

I happened to look inside a huge hall and got to know that it was an auditorium, which could hold about 150 people. People book this auditorium from time to time for competitions, functions and events. Overall, the visit to the museum was a thrilling experience and around 1 PM, I was on my way back to the hotel.


Travel Photo Of The Week : Mankameshwar Mandir, Allahabad

mankameshwar mandir allahabad

Mankameshwar Mandir Allahabad | Image Resource :

Mankameshwar Mandir Allahabad : Mankameshwar Temple is very famous among religious tourists. The deity of the temple is presumed to fulfill all wishes. Lord Shiva is the main idol in this temple. The arti and pooja process goes on for a long duration. The idol of the Lord is well decorated during the arti.

Khusro Bagh, Allahabad – An Epitome of Exquisite Culture

At 7.30 AM, after I finished exploring the surroundings of Triveni Sangam, I was all ready and set to visit the Khusro Bagh, which was about 15 minutes distance from the river.

I hailed a rickshaw and reached the spot at 7.50AM. The garden has huge walls on all the four sides and thus, remains well protected. Inside the huge garden, there are four tombs. I visited the tombs of Khusro Mirza, the eldest son of Emperor Jahangir, Shah Begum (Khusro’s mother and the first wife of Emperor Jahangir) and Nithar Begum (Khusro’s sister).

I observed that all these tombs were sandstone materials and gave out the essence of the Mughal architecture. Sultan Begum’s tomb has three-tiers with a chhatri at the top and the calligraphic inscriptions on the tomb in Arabic are indeed beautiful. People say that this tomb has comparisons to the famous Fatehpur Sikri and I would not in the least doubt the fact. Such is the beauty of this particular tomb.

khusro bagh, allahabad

Khusro Bagh, Allahabad | Image Resource :

Nithar Begum’s tomb is next to that of Sultan Begum’s. This tomb is actually huge and astounded me! This tomb has the best architecture and fine carvings when compared to the rest of the others. It has a wide and high platform and has two tiers along with a chhatri at the top.

Just next to Nithar’s tomb is that of Khusro’s. This tomb is good in height and the architecture is awesome with fine carvings. I heard that there were several paintings and exquisite things to view within the tomb. They did not allow the visitors to enter the tomb, therefore, I had to be content viewing it from the outside.

Bang in the middle of the garden was the fourth tomb, Mausoleum of Tambolan. In order to understand what the Mughal architecture is all about, every person travelling to Allahabad should visit the Khusro Bagh. I walked around the lush gardens for a while and then had my packed breakfast. I felt proud sitting there and to know that our country has such rich and exquisite culture and art that could be competition for several monuments of the world.

Camping in Dhanpari : Ecotourism at its best

As planned last weekend, we (our inseparable bunch of 5 besties) were double excited to be at the yet to be explored Dhanpari campsite. After an enjoyable road journey from Jaisalmer to Gujarat, little was left to imagination about how beautiful the campsite would be. Moreover, believe me, indeed it was as mesmerizing.

Actually, the Dhanpari campsite is a well-maintained forest ecotourism location in the heart of Gujarat. The site is surrounded by lush green forest that provides shelter to a variety of flora and fauna. Teak and bamboo trees form most of the forest.

dhanpari eco campsite

Dhanpari Eco Campsite | Image Resource :

Actually, the Dhanpari campsite is a well-maintained forest ecotourism location in the heart of Gujarat. The site is surrounded by lush green forest that provides shelter to a variety of flora and fauna. Teak and bamboo trees form most of the forest.

The campsite is near the Kada Dam, close to a forest rest house, at which we refreshed ourselves and got ready to explore the place around, the first thing that we wanted to indulge in was animal spotting! But that was only after we clicked tons of snaps of this picturesque campsite.

With the help of our binoculars, while I managed to spot leopards, blue bulls, and jackals; one of my friends got to experience the charming sight of four-horned antelopes, wild boars, and sloth bears. A gamut of reptiles creped us though!

sloth bears in dhanpari

Sloth Bears in Dhanpari | Image Resource :

leopards in dhanpari

Leopards in Dhanpari | Image Resource :

jackals in dhanpari

Jackals in Dhanpari | Image Resource :

After devoting nearly four hours spotting wild animals, we headed for some spiritual connection. There is a Jund Hanuman Temple nearby. Apart from its scenic beauty, the temple is a major attraction due to its proximity to the Targol reservoir.

It was time for sundown. We were out of our energies and had to catch up on some food and rest. For accommodation, we found two options – deluxe cottages and normal cottages, we picked latter as budget, accommodation is one of my first concerns.

The normal cottage was decent with attached washrooms and bathing facilities. There was different kitchen and dining places as well. As we prefer vegetarian, we ordered regional veg fare, which, as expected, was as lip smacking! Also, some items are not overrated and just rightly priced!
It was a 2-day trip, which expectedly ended well. Looking out for some more fun in the coming weeks. Stay tuned until then!

Photo Of The Week : Lotus Temple Delhi

lotus temple delhi

Lotus Temple Delhi | Image Resource :

Lotus Temple Delhi : This is a picture of the amazing Lotus temple that is one of the popular tourist attractions from Delhi. After hearing so many praises about the place. Most us always wanted to visit and “We did”. It is a great place to spend your time and know it relaxing ambience.

National Zoological Park, Delhi Has Unique Features of Its Own

Communicating with the other side of God’s creation has the experience of its own, as the animals only know the language of love. Anyone can be their friend if they are handled with care and affection. National Zoological Park, Delhi is the sphere of the same affection for the wildlife and nature. My frequent vacations mostly include wildlife sanctuary of diversified places among which Delhi was unseen before. I was fortunate to reach my loving destination on time. The magnificent zoo is rich in flora and fauna. Since there was a lot of car parking space, it did not take much time to enter the gate. Soon after collecting my Rs.40 ticket from the ticket counter I gushed inside the zoo without wasting any more time.

entrance view of national zoological park, delhi

Entrance View Of National Zoological Park, Delhi | Image Resource :

national zoo sign

National Zoo Sign | Image Resource :

Foreigners are charged with Rs.200 and have to show their identification cards followed with the number of security measures, which is also applicable for the India tourists as well. Outside food is prohibited inside the park. A lot of walking is required to catch the maximum glimpses of every animal. Passing through some of the food stalls I decided to have some snacks and then moved forward to watch the Asian Elephant, who was enclosed inside a spacious area. The leopard was enjoying in the concrete enclosure. Deer, zebra, and chimpanzee were wandering in their specific areas having fun on their own. Animals such as spider monkey, the Gir lion, and African wild buffalo were some of them I saw for the first time. Banteng, Emu, Axis deer, Peafowl, Macaque, and several others are the pride of the zoo. The other special features of the zoo are the trees, which have 200 species with added descriptions. Mobile vans with open roof are also offered at affordable rates for the tourists to explore the celebrated wildlife of Delhi with utmost interest.

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The day ended for me by late evening and to avoid further fatigue I took the farewell of the National Zoological Park, Delhi and left the place with innumerable memories of the lovely animals and nature’s essence. I had a train to catch the next day to Jaisalmer and so dozed off to sleep. Throughout the night I kept thinking and dreaming about the places I went in Delhi and they gave me cherishing memories of the place.