Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer : An Enchanting Spot To Be At!

Shopping and travelling are my foremost interests. Add photography to the list and I am just good to go. At times when I am not into the making of stylish clothes and stuffs for my fashion boutique, I tend to follow my likes and interests and sink into a whole new world of my passions.

Having spent all these years living in my hometown Jaisalmer, my inclination towards photography is but obvious. I enjoy clicking pictures of the rich heritage sites in and around the city. It can be referred to as architecture photography as most of the snapshots in my personal collection are of the historic architectural monuments in Jaisalmer.

gadi sagar lake jaisalmer

                 Gadi Sagar Lake Jaisalmer | Image Resource :

I had recently been to the amazing Gadi Sagar Lake with my friends. We usually plan day-outs to this fascinating place as I love to spend some time in deep meditation along the banks of the man-made reservoir. Also, it is one of the budget-friendly travels as the site is easily accessible via both bus as well as train.

Apparently, as far as I have known, the Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer is an artificial lake which was reconstructed by the Maharaja in 1367 AD to conserve rainwater. Also known as Lake Gadsisar, it was the only source to get pure drinking water during the Rajput period.

small clusters of catfish

   Small Clusters Of Catfish | Image Resource :

Once at the lake, we usually choose to boat around and while my friends are feeding breads and biscuits to the small clusters of catfish, I grab my cam to take pictures of the amazing lake with heritage monuments in the backdrop. We prefer to visit Gadi Sagar Lake in the evenings as the setting sun makes up for an enchanting scenic beauty.

Additionally, at times when there is a layer of mist around during the evenings, the glowy sun beaming through the haze is just an awesome shot to be captured. The best time to shoot is when the sun is just about to set as it makes a captivating appearance above the picturesque dome-shaped structures which are made up of sandstones.

sunset gadi sagar lake jaisalmer

                Sunset Gadi Sagar Lake Jaisalmer | Image Resource :

The majestically carved temples and the beautifully maintained gardens around the Gadi Sagar Lake are also a must-visit.