The Fun Hunt to Raipur from Jaisalmer Begins : Days Filled With Fad, Food and Frolic!

Now I may be am amateur to express my opinion on a global forum, but being born and raised in the Golden City of Rajasthan, I can assure you that there is no place like Jaisalmer. An avid fashion geek, foodie and adventure lover, I am open to variety and experimenting newer things in our world. And so, I had decided to visit one of the historical cities of India, Raipur.

Having no idea about the city of Raipur, I was clueless about the travel lines and accommodations in the city. The advanced technology of this generation came of much help to me. I found several options of Raipur flight plus hotel booking, which could have been a pinch in my budget, plus numerous trains that could take me on my journey.

jsm ju express

JSM JU Express | Image Resource :

The matter of booking a hotel room was also completed in the click of a button. I took the JSM JU Express from Jaisalmer the first evening. It would take me to Jodhpur, from where I would have to take the JU Puri Express to reach the adventurous city.

ju puri express

JU Puri Express | Image Resource :

The Scenic picture that the sky was painted with looked like a canvass off an art gallery wall. The sound of the train track, the thrum of the people, piping hot teas and the cool breeze, lulled me into slumber as I closed my eyes dreaming of what lay ahead of me. Tiny villages, cities and stations passed by in a blur and I was already filled with pictures to write a whole book about.

The journey I took from Jaisalmer was like a leaf off a Ruskin Bond Tale. The breathtaking view of the various cities I passed through was worth the trip by train. Fitting my budget and still giving me much to write and cherish was a choice worth the money.

The simple girl from the rubbles of Jaisalmer was about to pain the city of Raipur with fluorescent colors now. With my entire journey planned and scheduled out, I was eager to reach my destination and with haste.


Travel Thought Of The Week – Gustave Flaubert

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Yes ! Gustave Flaubert’s quote is really very true as only when you travel you find that you are just a very small speck in the wide ocean called the world. When you travel you come across the wonders of God’s creation and you realize how small your success is and how small your difficulties also are!

How I Became A Fashion Designer So Young

As a full-time fashion designer at a well-reputed women’s boutique in Jaisalmer, I find myself at the right place, doing the right thing.

Ten years ago, I only had the dream of becoming a successful couturier. Two years later, I aspired to join an international brand as a fashion designer. Exactly five years later, I got a breakthrough.

Hence, I feel, there is and should be no end to dreams as they particularly lead one to somewhere safe. When I began chasing my dreams, ten years ago, the journey was not as easy.

As a teenager, I faced and overcame my own challenges. Tackling studies and my passion for fashion designing was not a simple task either. Though, I passed that phase, with great efforts. I would like to share a bit of my career story here.

Over a decade ago, I began by coming up with my own ideas and innovations. Whenever my friends or family needed tips on dressing up, I would be more than glad to guide them.

I later went on to convert these abstract but beautiful designs into sketches using a simple A4 size paper and pencil. These designs were off course hidden from the rest of my family, and hence I drafted a portfolio where I saved all these sensitive works.

beautiful designs into sketches

Sketching Beautiful Designs | Image Resource :

fashion magazines

Fashion Magazines | Image Resource :

I knew it was too early but I had to learn about fashion. I started with checking fashion websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. for latest designs and fashion updates. It also gives a fair idea about how the business works.

Thank God for the sewing machine at home. With a little help from my elder sisters, and a bit of online research, I got myself readied for clothes sewing. At first its way tough but as you get to learn more of sewing, it gets more enjoyable.

sewing machine

Sewing Machine | Image Resource :

Soon my work was being observed and as I was gaining mastery at it, people in my surroundings as well as my family and friends started noticing my work.

With my parents’ permission, I finally gained an admission at a popular fashion designing school in Delhi, where I officially have to learn the basics of fashion designing and rest is history! I hope it inspires those young teenagers who aim to become a fashion designer.

Street Food of Mumbai – Taste Has No Limit Here

Everything in the world is changing, except for the delicious taste of street foods of Mumbai. People from around the world come to the city of dreams for its mouth-watering foods. When the food is so great, it doesn’t matter it is on the road or pavement, what matter is the satisfaction achieved from consuming it. Some famous streets food and popular dishes of Mumbai have become a face of true taste with affordable prices.

I started my foodie journey from Batata vada. It is the most liked and consumed street food in the whole state of Maharashtra and with the exquisite taste, it surely deserves to be the number one. It did look similar to pakoras but it was far more rich and tastier than it. Some say that the vegetarian foods are not that delicious as compared to the non-vegetarian items. If they have just a bit of Batata vada, they will surely think again. After tasting, the superb taste of Batata Vada my hunger for street food was even more than before.

batata vada

Batata Vada | Image Resource :

sev puri

Sev Puri | Image Resource :

I moved along and had a bit of sev puri. It is surely one of the cheapest and yet tastiest snack in whole Mumbai. People parked their Mercedes and Audi cars in the side lane just to have a bit of the snack. No matter whichever season it is, the taste of sev puri can suit me anytime. Even at the fancy restaurants of five-star hotels, sev puri is a common dish ordered by people.

After the sev puri it was time to try some fast food of Mumbai. The most loved option of the working people and whoever have arrived in Mumbai and struggling with the expenses can find a suitable spot at the pav bhaji vendor. Cheap and yet heavenly tasty option is the healthy and yet fulfilling at the same time. Fried butter and crispy layer of the pav can relieve any tension and make the mind completely relaxed. Street food of Mumbai is the main reason why people forget about their lands and stay in love with this city. After fulfilling my hunger, I started back to my hotel.

pav bhaji

Pav Bhaji | Image Resource :

Photo Of The Week : Kanheri Caves Mumbai

kanheri caves mumbai

Kanheri Caves Mumbai | Image Resource :

Kanheri Caves Mumbai : If you are visiting Mumbai, Kanheri Caves is a must visit. The caves are artistically created. It is most fun to trek to the caves during the rainy season. You will get to see small crabs crawl the area during rains. You may even find monkeys in the region if you are unlucky.

Jehangir Art Gallery – Finest Display of Mesmerizing Art

Art is the imaginative skill applied to represent the imaginations in the world and Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai has it all. This art room is covered with excellent masterpieces from paintings to sculptures. With varied styles and designs, it covered all the sections regarding artistic paintings.

jehangir art gallery mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

Many people were interested in some great painters’ work and yet the not so famous painters were also able to sell their art. The artistic drawing of a women making pottery was the most famous that day. The painting was able to express the situation of the women who was making pottery for living. The brush stroke, choice of colours and most importantly the picture of women, who was making the pottery at that time, was completely out of the world.

But instead of these great works, some works like tower of sponges and a portrait made of wooden scales had their own story to describe. After roaming in the hall, I saw the exhibit of children painting, and truly speaking, those little houses with a car parked on a side along with waterfalls and mountains at the back was my favourite. If the talent in the children continues like this, that day is not far away when they will prove themselves, which can leave everyone amazed.

samovar cafe in Jehangir art gallery mumbai

Samovar Cafe in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

The outstanding picture may not have the best design or choice of colours but it did portray a picture in my mind of the child smiling when he was drawing the splendid piece. That section was outstanding and consisted of some future artists, which the world will look upon one day. Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai is the finest art gallery I have ever seen till today.

art plaza gallery outside jehangir art gallery, mumbai

Art Plaza Gallery outside Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai | Image Resource :

Portraits and sculptures set the mood of the people looking for some marvellous brush strokes. With the disadvantage of small space, this art gallery has everything to offer for an art lover. After I completed my tour of the art gallery I was really hungry and what can taste better than Mumbai street food. From sebpuri to pau bhaji I made my mind not to miss any of the delicious food in Mumbai.

Photo Of The Week : Worli Fort Mumbai

worli fort mumbai

Worli Fort Mumbai | Image Resource :

Worli Fort Mumbai : Worli Fort is a tourist place but is in a dilapidated condition due to lack of care. I was sad to see the condition of the fort. We spent quite some time at Worli. We even visited the Planetarium and Science Centre at Worli. The trip was truly fun.

Flora Fountain Mumbai – Entirely Allied to Prosperity

Travelling all the way to and from the caves took four hours approximately and I was back in the hustle and bustle of the city. Flora Fountain Mumbai was another place of interest that provides serenity in Mumbai. The battle of achieving high ranks has made the city professional in every term. People do not have time to waste on pity things. While Jaisalmer is the city, ever ready to help you out in any circumstances. Well, it is worthless to distinguish the two cities based on their respective terms. Alike human beings, they too possess their own virtues.

Named after Roman Goddess Flora, the fountain is the expression of beauty and prosperity. The statue is erected on white marble and The Agri-Horticulture Society of Western India is the one who initiatively build the statue with the design made by R. Norman Shaw. The fountain has a distinct quality of glowing in the night. It is constructed with imported Portland stone. Also called as Martyr Square, the place is nearer to almost all the major tourist places in Mumbai. The fountain is creatively decorated as a bride at times of New Year, Diwali, etc.

flora fountain mumbai

Flora Fountain Mumbai | Image Resource :

The de-stressed place is perfect to escape from the worldly commitments for a while. It helps you to find out the inner self that have been lost somewhere. The great combination of beauty and purity is the ultimate expression that a visitor capture while travelling to this place. Being an attractive spot it also provides space to many vendors to earn their living. Visitors definitely hunt for the evening snacks or roadside cuisines to beat their hunger cravings. In that aspect, the vendors are ready to serve them with relishing cuisines of Mumbai.

I too fall into that circumstance when I was going mad with hunger. I gobbled some of them and took leave of Flora Fountain Mumbai, the ultimate bliss in the bustling city. The phenomenal architecture really left me spellbinding. I would like to revisit Mumbai whenever I get the opportunity. Spectacular destinations did not let me down in my isolated journey and blessed me in all means.

Photo Of The Week : National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai

national gallery of modern art mumbai

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai | Image Resource :

National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai : The Art Gallery in Mumbai has some truly artistic paintings and creations which are lovely. A visit to the gallery is sure to make you sit and think about the perspective with which the artist made the painting. The visit is completely enjoyable for a tourist. The art works displayed are also quite good.

Elephanta Caves Mumbai – Portray of Mystical Era

I accepted the sudden change of trend from Jaisalmer to Mumbai effortlessly, though it was my singlehanded journey. My mom says that accepting the people and the circumstances as they are, is the biggest achievement of your life. No expectations are there to hurt you. So with lots of enthusiasm but nil of expectations I headed towards Elephanta Caves Mumbai. The blue waters were inspiring me to be as profound as the sea. I paid some extra penny to rejoice the sea view from the upper deck.

Legend says that the heart of a human being should be that of a sea- immense and tolerable! These are the virtues that take life to timeless journey. I try my hard to walk on the codes. The Caves is 9 miles away from Gateway of India. The green island is the portrayal of craftsmanship that existed in the 7th century. There is the rock-cut cave temple that is dedicated to the human deity Lord Shiva.

elephanta caves mumbai

Elephanta Caves Mumbai | Image Resource :

shiva linga in elephanta caves mumbai

Shiva Linga in Elephanta Caves Mumbai | Image Resource :

I was overwhelmed with the sight at The Maheshamurti section where Shiva is depicted as originator, defender and destroyer. It is the picture that could be cherished for the lifetime. For except Mondays, the Cave is opened rest of the days with the same glory and historical tales to be narrated to the visitors. This is the place that hardly any tourists miss from their itinerary. Travelling in a ship is the time machine that carries you back from the contemporary and bustling commerce of the city to the era of faith and mysticism.

shiva sculpture inside the elephanta caves

Shiva Sculpture Inside The Elephanta Caves | Image Resource :

trimurti sculpture at elephanta caves

Trimurti Sculpture at Elephanta Caves | Image Resource :

The caves are the depiction of the era when carving out immense statues was a blessing in its own terms. Instead of hiring an expensive guide I preferred to purchase the guide book. This helped me a lot throughout my travel to the caves. There are sum of seven caves as said by the guide book. I was able to see five of them. I took numberless pictures of the carvings, sculptures and inscriptions. Without consuming more time at Elephanta Caves Mumbai I took my next ship back to the bustling city to witness the allure of Flora Fountain Mumbai.