Royal Bardia National Park, Punjab – Get More Close with Nature

It was the fourth day of my stay in Punjab. I was enjoying the state and its culture to its fullest. After all it was the thing which I wanted to do the most – traveling. Yes, my dreams were getting fulfilled and I was able to fill the pictures of lot of memories in the canvas of my life. I had already painted my memories with the tint of nature from the parts I had visited in Punjab recently. It was the fourth day and I wanted to spend the day in a national park or a bird sanctuary or simply a zoo. So finally I drew my conclusions and I zeroed in on at visiting the Royal Bardia national park. It was just the day after my visit to the Makalu-Barun national park in Bhatinda. But still I had a lot more to do in a national park and I had to click a lot of pictures to keep the memories cherished for a lifetime.

royal bardia national park punjab

Royal Bardia National Park Punjab | Image Resource :

The area spread by the Royal Bardia national park is not that big as the Makalu-Barun national park, but still it was a much large area that spread across a land of 968 square kilometers. The national park is a home for a large number of animals and birds from different species. Several endangered species and rare species are also found in this sanctuary. The major attractions of the park are the white tigers and white peacocks. I could also see number of giraffes, leopards, baboons, chinkara, blackbucks, nilgai, porcupines, sloth bears, Indian Munjtac, chital, hyena, wolf, lions, tigers, etc. A large number of birds like parrots, peafowl, painted storks, parakeet, duck, swan, flamingo, raptors, pelicans and white ibis are also seen the park.

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Elephant safari, jeep safari, camping, bird watching and bonfire are a few of the other interesting activities one can do while in the Royal Bardia national park. I am fond of adventure sports and activities, which involve creativity and fun. I wanted to do a camping there but since I had less time in my vanity and I had to cover other places of Punjab as well, I decided to move on with cherished memories in my mind.


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