Satkhanda – The Ancient Tower With A Bird’s Eye View Of The Whole City!

Nawab Muhammed Ali Shah started the construction of this place with a mission of getting the bird’s eye view of the whole city. The tower was intended to be seven stories tall but due to the Nawab’s untimely death; its construction stopped after the fourth floor was built. It is believed that another purpose of building the tower was to have a clear sight of the moon which would help the Nawab spot it during the time of Eid as the celebrations of this festival depends on the moon.

Architectural Excellence

The tower is located close to Husainabad Imambara and is a 67 metre tall structure. People who knew about its history in detail, told me that since the Nawab was badly injured while climbing its stairs, the construction was limited to four floors only as the injury to him was seen as an omen and they felt that supernatural powers do not want them to complete the tower. It is a fine blend of Italian and French architecture and attracts many foreign tourists.

Satkhanda Lucknow

Satkhanda Lucknow | Image Resource :

Ignored Monument

The historical tower is begging for restoration work, but all authorities including ASI seemed to have ignored it. Satkhanda lies at one corner as a ruined building that people seem to have forgotten. Its construction began in mid 19th century and the tower is also famous among the British people as it is also believed that it has something to do with Sir George Couper too, who was the governor of UP during British rule.

Lucknow is full of historical buildings and if one wants to grasp as much of its history, then visiting Satkhanda is a must. Do not skip this 19th century tower because although it has decayed because of ignorance, the tower still has its own charm. The history to it is very interesting, and if you talk to a few locals living near it, you may get to hear some inside stories that you will never find on the internet. Lucknow is where the true culture of India lies. Rich and full of colour, there is so much to explore here. You just have to be interested, and this city will offer a lot.


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