How Yoga Can Help Any Individual?

There are myriad different ways in which Yoga helps an individual physically, mentally and psychologically. Here I wish to share with you the miraculous benefits of Yoga. People leading city lives must make it a practice to do Yoga regularly. This will help to soothe their minds and keep them energetic and happy. Here are some of the common ways in which Yoga impacts an individual.

Yoga For Inner Peace

The Yogis from the past eras passed on this skill of performing Yoga to the modern generation. Yoga helps you realise the inner peace. It helps you reach a level of spirituality. Regular Yoga is prescribed to people who lack peace and lead restless lives.

yoga pose for inner peace

Yoga Pose for Inner Peace | Image Resource : truthinsideofyou

Yoga Beats Stress

Stress is one thing that troubles most of the city dwellers. They often resort to addictions to get rid of their stress. The best option for them would be to opt for something like Yoga. It is not really difficult to make Yoga a regular practice.

Yoga Leads To Physical Wellness

Yoga also contributes to physical health. People who practice Yoga on a regular basis are known to be healthier. Yoga is known to positively impact the respiratory system, the circulatory system and even the cardiovascular health.

benificial yoga poses for physical wellness

Benificial Yoga Poses for Physical Wellness | Image Resource :

Yoga Can Be Practiced By Anyone

The best part of Yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone. There is really no restriction of age or health to practice Yoga. It is always known to give positive results. People may initially find it difficult to practice yoga daily. As they get accustomed to it, they will surely realise the countless benefits of Yoga.

Practice Yoga At Home

yoga practice at home

Yoga Practice at Home | Image Resource :

You do not need any special equipment for Yoga. You may even choose a silent corner in your house and practice Yoga. It is ideal if you create the right ambiance to practice Yoga. A silent room away from the regular chaos would definitely do good. Make sure the room you choose is bright and organised. Select a clean corner of the house where no one is likely to disturb you.


For An Up-close And Personal Feel Of Nature : Camping in Rishikesh!

Hi, I am Saachi Agarwal and being a fashion designer has helped me a great deal. I fashion out things which are very soothing and beneficial to me in my life. I am all about, fashioning myself at being a great designer, wild-life photographer, travelling, street shopping and indulging in food and hanging out with my friends.

Camping At Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh | Image Resource :

The last time I had been on a camping trip to Rishikesh, the natural surroundings had hit me with a rush and I always wanted to share my experience with all. About the camping at Rishikesh, about how I reached there, the facilities offered and the fun I had doing so many activities.

Wildex Bungy Jumping at Rishikesh

Wildex Bungy Jumping at Rishikesh | Image Resource :

Plenty Of Ways To Get To Camping At Rishikesh

At Camp Wildex, in Rishikesh the experience of camping plus river rafting is simply awesome. There are so many ways to get to the camping at Rishikesh. From Delhi a bus or private car can be hired which takes around 6 to 7 hours. Then by air, Spice Jet and Air India takes you from Delhi. By train the nearest station is Haridwar and from there it is just 35 kms.

Camp Wildex Bonfire at Rishikesh

Camp Wildex Bonfire at Rishikesh | Image Resource :

It is of course, cold from Dec. But the rest of the months, it is pleasant and hot during the day and pleasant at night. One thing to be kept in mind is that the camp road leading to Rishikesh is closed from 8 PM to 6 AM. Also don’t make a group larger than 27 people, as 27 seater buses are not allowed on the hilly roads

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Camp Wildex has Rajaji National park on both sides and situated in the lap of nature away from the busy city life. Here one can view the best of wild animals and birds. There are packages available for Camping in Rishikesh, from 1 night 2 days to 3 nights and 4 days. The facilities are absolutely top class, like tents with clean and comfortable beddings.

Rishikesh River Rafting Promises Endless Enthralling Moments

Rishikesh River Rafting Promises Endless Enthralling Moments | Image Resource :

There are Indian and western washrooms with running water. Food is nice and served at a large dining area. The Bonfire and barbeque’s, is enjoyable with starlit night and the murmuring of the river close-by. Rock climbing, valley crossing, forest walk and of course water rafting are the major attractions of this camping tour. So it definitely a don’t miss experience!

Tips And Suggestions For Young and Budding Fashion Designers

Do you aspire to be one of the great fashion designers? Do you have a flair for fashionable designs and amazing patterns? You must then try and refine your skills to make sure you land up in your dream profession. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help budding fashion designers.

Read The Latest In Fashion Industry

There is always a latest design that is taking rounds in the market. You must be aware of the latest trends in the fashion industry. It is best if you maintain a notebook. In the notebook, make a note of the latest trends in ladies fashion, mens fashion, kids fashion, seasonal wear and all that is up for sale. Try and understand what sets some garments much above the rest. It will help you understand fashion industry better.

Latest Trend in Fashion Industry

Latest Trend in Fashion Industry | Image Resource :

Improve Your Drawing Skills

Drawing skills are vital if you wish to be a good fashion designer. You must enhance your drawing skills by practicing regularly. This will help you bring your drawings to life. It will help you sketch any design that comes in your mind.

Learn How to Draw Fashion

Learn How to Draw Fashion | Image Resource :

Learn About Different Types Of Fabrics

The fabrics have a great contribution in designing style. You must know the different fabrics used in the fashion industry. You need to understand their texture, color and quality.

Learn How To Sew

It is best if you learn how to sew. You can make minor alterations in design by sewing it up. Sewing also helps you understand the finer aspects of fashion designing.

Be Creative And Stylish

It is good to take inspiration from outfits in the market. You must however retain your originality by adding your innovative touches. Never be scared to be creative. Treat fashion designing as a form of art and feel free to experiment with it.


Be Creative And Stylish Fashion Designer | Image Resource : dreamstime

These are just the basic facts you must keep in mind when you are aspiring to be a fashion designer. You may also read through different fashion designing websites. They have very innovative ideas revealed in the websites. Referring them will help you traverse new channels of fashion designing.

Photo of the Week : Grand Radiant Lucknow

grand radiant lucknow

Grand Radiant Lucknow | Image Resource :

Grand Radiant Lucknow : I was visiting the Lucknow city as a part of my fashion tour and a client suggested that I stay at the Grand Radiant Lucknow. The place was prefect as it had conference and meeting halls which were apt for large meetings as well as a well designed coffee shop perfect for meeting with small groups.

Travel Thought of the Week

Travel Thought

Travel Thought | Image Resource :

When I had read about Elizabeth Gilberts memoirs, Eat, pray and love, I was completely bowled over her by her philosophy. She had me impressed with all her quotes, especially about this travel quote of hers. I simply believe that what she says is true, and I can connect with her attitude so well. I try my best to follow this travel philosophy too.

Delightful Dish of the Week : Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow | Image Resource :

Malai Ki Gilori Lucknow  : I have a sweet tooth and when I was told of this exotic dish of Lucknow I could not stop myself from indulging in it.It has the most deliciously soft texture. The chandi ka warq or the silver covering on it is something that had me digging into it enthusiastically. The sugar syrup and the filling inside left me wanting more.

Tempting Food of the Week : Tokri Chaat Lucknow

Tokri Chaat Lucknow

Tokri Chaat Lucknow | Image Resource :

Tokri Chaat Lucknow : One of the yummiest snacks I have every tasted in my life is this tokri chaat of lucknow.Imagine the basket being made of grated potatoes and in it is filled the freshest kinds of fruits and yogurt and spices and baked goodies. Eating it is the most heavenly experience I have ever had. I had it at a café in Hazraganj and could not stop drooling.

Buddha Park – For The Beauty Lies In The Night

There are a few places that just catch you off guard and the Buddha Park in Lucknow is one of them. This is one the best parks to visit in India when it is dark. I was absolutely thrilled when I arrived here. The amazing colourful lighting that has been done here is worth mentioning. There were moments when I was like “At one side there are ruins, and here I stand at one of the best modern day gardens”.

Buddha Statue at Buddha Park Lucknow

Buddha Statue at Buddha Park Lucknow | Image Resource :

Perfect Ambience

The park is full of multiple lush green gardens that fill the place along with facilities for boating in an artificial stream. The location is one of the most expensive places in Lucknow and what has made it the most expensive place is Buddha Park. Roads to the park are very wide and well lit as I visited it at night.

Boating in Buddha Park Lucknow

Boating in Buddha Park Lucknow | Image Resource :

It is one of the most beautiful parks you will ever visit and it was the perfect place to end my trip in style. Here you will see the present Lucknow, where everyone is a Nawab and the city’s affinity with royal things does not seem to fade away. A parade of elephants is going to welcome you here with statues of political leaders at some corners of this huge complex.


There are ample food stalls in and around Buddha Park, which will satisfy your hunger and thirst. A few malls are also nearby and I happened to visit one of them which had “Barbeque Nation”. I had loads of food there and could not resist myself for having a walk in the park just once more before I leave this beautiful city that has the perfect blend of historical buildings and modern marvels.

There is going to be a Next Time

I am going to remember this trip for a lifetime and I think that I will need to visit the city again as many things have been left out. Hope to take out sometime soon and come here again to have a taste of famous Tundey Kebabs which I failed to taste on this trip!

Photo of the Week : Best Western Plus levana Lucknow

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow | Image Resource :

Best Western Plus levana Lucknow : Visiting Lucknow and staying at this hotel was an amazing experience. The posh exteriors as well as the interiors were absolutely charming. The rooms were cozy. The good thing was the free cancellation till a certain date. I simply loved the complimentary breakfast they provided us every morning. A real worthwhile experience.

Happy Diwali 2015

Diwali Wishes

Diwali Wishes | Image Resource :

I simply love the festival of lights, Diwali. And this time I was pleased to know that there were wonderful cards available online. The designs were awesome and colorful the perfect wordings helped me just pick up the right cards for all my friends. This time I also tried the Facebook, WhatsApp, which had the Best Deepavali Messages too.