Lalit Kala Academy – For Every Art Enthusiast And Critic!

As the name suggests, it is a part of an autonomous body which known for its students of art. The place has some extremely beautiful paintings and photographs which really challenged my talent as a photographer. I examined each and every photo at the place and tried to take out their best qualities. I also learned how I can use lighting and different angles to my advantage.

Lalit Kala Academy

Lalit Kala Academy | Image Resource :

Apart from the paintings, I also saw some unique plastic installations here. These installations will attract you and force you to decode them. I analysed each one of them for at least 5 minutes before I could figure out its meaning.

There were students of painting, singing, dancing and other forms of art who were dedicated to their art form and really wanted to excel in their field. I happened to have an interesting conversation with them over a cup of coffee, and they told me their stories about how they got into this.

Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Fine Arts | Image Resource :


Though I was not lucky enough but if you happen to get a chance to visit Lucknow and, in particular, the Lalit Kala Academy, try to match your dates with an exhibition because you are going to see lots of stuff then. Students organise plays regularly, and their acting skills are just mind blowing. The singers were also very talented, and some of them confessed of their dream to be a singing superstar one day.

Art Exibition at Lalit Kala Academy

Art Exibition at Lalit Kala Academy |

Try visiting the place in the months of April, May and June as this is the time when most of the exhibitions are organised. You will see interesting art pieces based on a single theme along with amazing photographs that once again, will be based on a single theme and all of them will be the work of the students of this academy.

Lalit Kala Academy was easy to reach as it is not located at any corner of the city but right beside the state’s High Court. After taking a few hours of rest, I headed towards my next destination- British Residency.


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