Lucknow Museum – Unique And Mesmerizing!

After I was done with Lucknow Zoological Garden, I decided to visit the museum that was in the premises of the zoo. It houses some really interesting pieces related to the history of India, especially the ones related to Mughal Empire.

Lucknow Museum

Lucknow Museum | Image Resource :


There are not many zoos in India which have a museum. This one has very interesting artefacts that are related to Indian history. Surprisingly, it even houses a 1,000 year old Egyptian mummy. The thing that attracted me the most was the wine glass of Aurangzeb, which has his name inscribed on it. The description said that it was at least 300 years old and historical things always excited me!

3000 Year old Egyptian Mummy at Lucknow Museum

3000 Year old Egyptian Mummy at Lucknow Museum | Image Resource :

The museum also houses a 16th century painting of Kalpasutra along with antique items from Piparahawa and Kapilavastu- these two places is where Lord Buddha supposedly grew up. Another interesting piece of history was 16th century copy of Harivamsa. The book is a Persian translation of the book originally written in Sanskrit.

State Museum Lucknow

State Museum Lucknow | Image Resource :

Do not Miss

Apart from the things mentioned above, I saw various sculptures and decorative items which have been restored. The items are centuries old, and some of them have even gathered rust. There are some bronze statues at the place that were very interesting to look at. There were a lot more paintings that dated back to 17th and 16th century and I still wonder what would be the value of all those paintings as they are rare paintings with 300-400 years of history with them. I also saw a few things related to freedom fighters and various wars that India has fought with different countries.

Statue on Display at Lucknow Museum

Statue on Display at Lucknow Museum | Image Resource :

State Museum Lucknow was an interesting place to visit as it had everything from centuries old paintings, bronze statues and various other interesting pieces of history restored in the perfect condition. Whenever you visit the city, do give the museum a shot as it will not take much of your time, and since it is located within zoo premises, it is not that tough to reach as well.


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