Lucknow Zoological Garden – Old But Amazing!

This was the first place that I visited when I arrived in the city of Nawabs. I had heard about the zoo from one of my friends, and she insisted that I should give it a visit. Interestingly, I came to know that in a span of 6 years, the zoo will complete its 100 years. It was earlier known as Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens but as the British left India, so did the name. Here is an account of what I witnessed in this huge zoo.

Entrance of Lucknow Zoo

Entrance of Lucknow Zoo | Image Resource :

Now I do not understand how did my friend failed to mention about the toy train here. Maybe she thought I am too old for it but hey, when are you too old for a toy train! The train covers most of the zoo, and you can see all animals while in the train as it takes a halt every 5 minutes or so. A fun ride, it was the highlight of the visit to this huge park.

The record says that the zoo has 102 species of animals, and I do not think I was able to see all of them. I captured some really amazing photographs of Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lions as they were at their best when I saw them. There were a variety of deer that also caught my attention. It is one of the two zoos in India which house an Orangutan. It is a rare species of monkey which are not found anywhere in the country anymore.

Lucknow Zoological Garden

Lucknow Zoological Garden| Image Resource :,

The zoo had a large variety of animals, and I took photographs of almost all of them. If you are a photography lover like me, my advice would be to carry an extra pair of batteries because you are going to get a chance to click so many interesting photographs here that the battery may run out . I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lucknow zoo and then I was off to my next destination- State Museum Lucknow, which happens to be located inside the zoo only.

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