A Mesmerizing Train Journey From Jaisalmer To Lucknow!

A fashion lover by all means, I, Saachi Agarwal, love to travel and explore the charm of traditional India. The culture mesmerizes me and the beauty is breath-taking. I had been long planning a trip to Lucknow but was just stuck with work.

Finally, I got a confirmed ticket in one of the Jaisalmer Lucknow trains. It was the JSM HWH Superfast Express, and I was ready to enjoy the journey to the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. I packed my bags, checked all the credentials and cash I would need during the trip and headed out of my home towards the station. This was the first time I was visiting Lucknow all by myself, and it was purely a pleasure trip! This was going to be my solo trip in which I intended to focus on the historical buildings and the heart-touching folk lore of this magical city.

JSM HWH Superfast Express

JSM HWH Superfast Express | Image Resource : rajasthanforyou.wordpress.com

The JSM HWH Superfast Express takes around 23 hours to reach Lucknow which meant that I was in the train for the whole day, and the ultimate foodie that I am, I had packed a separate bag that contained a lot of goodies. I plugged in my earphones, leaned on the window side and started munching my favourite snacks while staring in the darkness, not able to sleep because of the excitement.

This was the only train that had some berths available in all Jaisalmer Lucknow trains. Thankfully it was neat and clean and was being taken care by a very polite catering staff. Another thing good about this train was that its starting point was Jaisalmer, which meant that the toilets were neat and tidy and totally unused.

After a long wait of 23 hours, I arrived at Lucknow station at 11:40 pm. Since I had booked a cab beforehand, I did not have to go through the hassle of hiring an auto or cab. The hotel I was to check in, Hotel Midas, was near the station. The station seemed to be a clean one, and I could definitely smell all the food that this city was ready to offer me. In the next few days, I was going to visit Bada Imambara, Satkhanda, British Residency and a few other places and there was no limit to my joy which knew no bounds!


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