INS Kurusura Submarine Museum- A Must Visit Tourist Spot In Visakhapatnam

After returning from the very peaceful and pure RK Mission in the noon, I took some rest and headed straight to the restaurant which was inside the hotel itself. The food was quite good and contained the elements of south Indian culinary. Being a person from Rajasthan, I was quite comfortable with spicy food stuffs. For this reason, the spiciness of south Indian dishes didn’t bother me anyway.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum Visakhapatnam

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

A short nap was enough for me to revive myself. So, at 3 PM I came down at the lobby of the hotel and enquired a little about how to reach my next destination, which was- INS Kurusura Submarine Museum. I knew it was located at the same beach road where the RK Mission was, but still I was a little confused regarding the distance. Thankfully, the receptionist cleared my doubts and I was glad to know that the destination is just a kilometer away from the hotel.

Since I had eaten a lot during the lunch, so I was not feeling like walking; and for this reason, I hopped into an auto rickshaw. The warm sun and the cool breeze were leaving behind a soothing effect on my mind and body. Within few minutes the auto rickshaw guy dropped me at my destination, and here I was, at the very famous INS Kurusura Submarine Museum.

Without wasting any time, I purchased two tickets; one for mine, and the other for my camera, for which I had to shell out 40 INR and 50 INR respectively. As I went inside, I came to know that the INS Kurusura Submarine was brought into the Indian Navy in the year 1969, and after serving our nation for 31 years, the submarine got decommissioned in the year 2001.

Being one of its kind in the entire Asia, the INS Kurusura Submarine Museum is a must visit place for kids and those who have penchant for the history of Indian Navy. Witnessing such a huge structure with your eyes is truly memorable. The length and width of the submarine was 91.3 m and 8.00 m respectively. Truly, a marvelous structure!


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