Get Back Into The Time At The Visakha Museum

It was my third day in Visakhapatnam, and I was feeling quite refresh after a deep slumber. But, I did have an idea about the place which I was about to visit. Today the Visakha Museum was on my list, and that’s the reason why the historian inside me was quite excited about it. With that excitement in my mind, I took a quick shower and had my breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.

Visakha Museum Visakhapatnam

Visakha Museum Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

Since my childhood, I have quite fond of historical monuments, artifacts, and other such thing that take me to the ancient world. For this reason, I left my hotel room as soon as possible to avoid too much of crowd which may show up as the day would progress. Before leaving the hotel, I had garnered some info regarding how to reach the Visakha Museum.

It is good to know that the museum is on the beach road itself. However, the distance was certainly not a walk-able one. Yes, from Rushikonda the museum was about 13 Kms. For this reason, I was left with the option of hiring either a cab or an auto rickshaw. I went with the former one, i.e. a cab. It took more or less 10 minutes to reach the spot.

Well, located at Waltair, which in on the beach road, this museum was nothing like a new building. The ceramic floor and renovated walls were not that bad. In fact, the Visakha museum is an old building which was owned by numerous Dutch families. This is the reason why the locals often refer to the museum as “Dutch Bungalow”. The old building was occupied by them till the end of 70s.

Visakha Museum

Visakha Museum | Image Resource :

As I went inside the museum, the ancient armory, coins, crockery, jewelry, portraits, and maps really took me back into the time. In addition, the letters and diaries were quite intriguing for me. Apart from them, I also came across lots of manuscripts, scrapbooks, as well as models related to planes, submarines, and warships. Overall, the museum will not leave you dissatisfied. After spending like 2hours inside, I stepped out, hired a cab, and went back to the hotel with tons of memories in my mind.


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