Muzhappilangad Driving Beach, Kannur – The Longest Drive-In Beach in India

Muzhappilangad Longest Driving Beach

Muzhappilangad Longest Driving Beach | Image Resource :

After visiting a handful of places that portrayed the cultural as well as natural heritage of Kerala the last destination that we visited in the “God’s own country” was the Muzhappilangad Driving Beach.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Beach | Image Resource :

Stretched over 4 kilometres of seashore this famous drive-in beach of Kerala runs parallel to the national highway 66 that connects Kannur and Thalassery. Although Goa is known for the beauty of its beaches the Muzhappilangad beach stands tall as even Goa doesn’t possess any drive – in beach.

Muzhappilangad Driving Beach

Muzhappilangad Driving Beach | Image Resource :

As we reached the beautiful beach the cold sea breeze touched our face which was an amazing and soothing experience. Tourists in large numbers had gathered at this beach. Due to the growing demand of tourism infrastructure in this region it is a issue of great concern to keep the tourism activities at this beautiful beach under the carrying capacity of the site, else the very commodity that is traded i.e. the scenic vistas will be depleted may be irreversibly.

The view of the sunset from this beach is something beyond words. I immediately grabbed my camera and attempted to get that perfect shot of the setting sun with the orange skies and golden beams of the sun. It was totally a mesmerising scene.

View of the Sunset from Beach

View of the Sunset from Beach | Image Resource :

The beach festival organized on this beach in the month of April is one of the most eminent tourist attractions of the state of Kerala.  Especially youth from all parts of the globe gather here to participate in various car and bike stunts on the heavenly beaches of Muzhappilangad. Another attraction in the vicinity of this beach is a private island, which can be walked down during low tide as it is located just at a distance of 100 metres from the beach.

The beautiful settings involving tall coconut trees and the black rocks that border the beach as well as act as a natural defence of the land against the strong currents of the sea offer the perfect environs to this drive – in beach of Kerala. Hence, my day ended and I gathered many memories of this amazing trip along with me as we headed back home.


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