Thirunelli Temple Wayanad – A Perfect Site for Nature Enthusiasts

After having a gala time at the Paithalmala Hill Station in Kerala the next destination that we were quite keen to visit was the Thirunelli temple in North Wayanad. This site fulfilled both my criteria of being a perfect tourist attraction.

Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple | Image Resource :

Firstly, the temple dates back in history and secondly, it is located amidst lush green woods and high mountains. So I set foot towards the ancient Thirunelli temple which is located at an altitude of around 900 meters above sea level. Due to its beautiful environs and cherished history the temple witnesses large influx of local as well as national tourists every year.

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad

Thirunelli Temple Wayanad | Image Resource :

The temple is located in a valley surrounded by tall trees and gigantic mountains and is located around 32 kilometres from Manathavady in Kerala.  Although there are no records of the exact dates of establishment of the temple it is very evident that Thirunelli was once a famous and well established town and centre for pilgrimage in south India.

This ancient town was surrounded by mountains on the four sides and was built amidst the inaccessible jungle valley.  In the dense woods surrounding the temple the ruins of two ancient villages can also be found. This was truly a treat for me as I was thrilled to discover the portal to the olden days via this site.

The temple is visited by many devotees as according to mythology lord Vishnu has blessed the waters flowing in the springs and rivers surrounding the temple to have the capability to wash away all sins. Hence, the springs and river near the Thirunelli temple are colloquially called as Papanasini.

Thirunelli temple in Kerala

Thirunelli temple in Kerala | Image Resource :

Even today the temple priest leaves some materials for worship in the temple believing that god Brahma himself would descend to this temple to perform the rituals of worshipping lord Vishnu who is the presiding deity of this temple.

It was an amazing experience for me to have visited the Thirunelli temple in Kerala. The beautiful ancient temple surrounded by lush-green forests and tall mountains gave me an inexpressible solace and peace. I felt such things are important in life when you are living in a society.


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