Paithalmala Kannur – The Highest Geographic Peak in Kannur

After visiting the unique Muthappan temple of Kannur the next destination that I headed towards was the Paithalmala hill station of Kannur. Located along the Western Ghats this beautiful hill station is a major tourist attraction in Kerala due to its soothing weather and enchanting environs.

This hill station is located near the village Pottenplave and is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters above sea level. Hence many vacationers and picnickers gather here every year to escape the scorching heat of the sun. Paithalmala lies at a distance of about 65 kilometres from Kannur and is nested in the Karnataka Kerala boarder region.

As I am a nature enthusiast it was a perfect holiday destination for me. Many nature lovers, leisurely visitors and photographers visit this hill station every year due to its geographical features. Tourists who are interested in active pursuits such as trekking and mountain climbing or camping also find this hill station a best place for their vacations.

paithalmala kannur

Paithalmala Kannur | Image Resource :

Paithalmala offers trekking facilities to tourists twice a year. The monsoon and summer are the two trekking seasons of this hill station. Trekking in the monsoon season i.e. from June to October is definitely a delight for the photographers. The hills and forests at this region are blanketed by mist during this season.

The lush green vegetation amidst the showers that fall all day during monsoons is an unmatchable and enthralling experience. Practically it might although be a bit inconvenient to trek during the summers due to extreme climate and one should also watch out for frequent elephant visits and leeches in the region.

The monsoons at Paithalmala are followed by cool soothing climate but then the grass grows to its fullest size i.e. about 7 feet which makes it very difficult for trekkers to find their way. In the month of December the forest care takers set fire to the long grass and hence making way for an easy trek. The best time to visit this hill station is from January to March. I had a very nice and thrilling time at the Paithalmala hill station of Kannur and longed to have more.


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