St Angelo Fort, Kannur – The Archaeological Heritage of Kerala

My interest in ancient archaeological sites and monuments drew me to the famous tourist attraction of Kerala, i.e. the St Angelo Fort in Kannur. I was quite excited to visit this ancient structure since I had already read about its glorious history. The fort is a prime tourist attraction of the region and is easily commutable via public transport from all parts of Kannur. The nearest Kannur railway station is at a distance of merely 3 kilometres from the fort and the Calicut international airport is located about 93 kilometres away from this location.

As we reached the St Angelo Fort, I was amazed to see the beauty and grandeur of this mega structure which is made up of laterite. The fort is a massive triangular monument that is abundantly supplied with flanking bastions and is surrounded with a moat. Dating long back in history to the year 1505 this majestic monument was built by the first Portuguese viceroy, Don Francesco de Almeida. This fort was later captured by the Dutch army in 1663 who further sold it to Ali Raja, the ruler of Kannur.

st angelo fort kannur

St Angelo Fort, Kannur | Image Resource :

route map of kannur fort

Route Map of Kannur Fort | Image Resource :

After the British invasion in India this eminent structure was seized by the British who renovated and well equipped this fort and turned it into their premier military base henceforth. This incident dates back to 1790. The fort has great historic significance as it has witnessed so many cultures and rulers who have resided and built their base in this monument for years in the past. No doubt the architecture of this fort is a blend of British, Portuguese and Dutch styles.

Contemporarily the St Angelo fort is a protected monument maintained by the archaeological Survey of India. Apart of its architecture the fort is located at a very fascinating surrounding. The view of the Dharmodam Island and the Moppila Bay from this fort is an extremely enthralling site. I clicked many pictures of the fort and of the environs that enveloped it. It was a very knowledgeable and soothing experience to turn the pages of history as I visited this ancient fort of Kannur.

With great memories my friend and I left the place.

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