Experience the Tranquility of Dharmadam Beach, Kannur

The stay at the Hotel Blue Nile was relaxing; I felt the room offered more privacy with enough space. The dinner last night was exemplary and we had our belly full. A foodie, I loved to try different food, especially the local and traditional. The rice with ‘vartha meen’, onion salad, chemeen varthathu and raw mango chutney were satiating and delicious. I could choose the best combinations with the help of my colleague.

The morning was pleasant with the refreshing sea breeze and we sat down to plan our itinerary. Our first place was fixed as the Dharmadam Beach, Kannur, which is located on the Island Road in Dharmadam. We checked for the passenger trains, which were not available at the time; nonetheless, there were frequent buses both private and KSRTC from the Kannur bus station. We planned to leave at 9 in the morning and travel by bus to Dharmadam.

dharmadam beach kannur

Dharmadam Beach Kannur | Image Resource : beachhousekerala.com

We reached Dharmadam at 10 am and walked to the island, which is just 100 meters away. If you take it geographically, this place is an island and is easily accessible from Thalassery, a prominent town in Kannur. The place was covered with a lot of greenery. Other than the natural vegetation, we saw innumerable coconut palms lined on the borders. The Dharmadam Beach called the Muzhappilangad Beach offered a stretch of white sand to walk along.

I wanted to go to the Dharmadam Island, but we learned that it required permission. The island looked beautiful with waters of Anjarakandy River on the three sides and of the Arabian Sea on one side. The place has a lot of influence of European colonies with the buildings like Government Brennen College, Jeycee Special School, Rotary Special School, Kannur University, and so on.

Talking to a local person, we learned that there are a few attractions in and around Dharmadam. Again, with his help we engaged a cab to take us around. The first place we visited was the Catholic Rosary Church, which was about three kilometers from the beach. Positioned on the seafront, this church was built by the French and looked beautiful. The other places we visited were the Fisher Folk Temple and Sri Jaganatha Temple.

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