My Train Travel from Jaisalmer to Kerala – A Long Journey Done Leisurely

Frankly speaking, my passion for traveling has taken me to many places in the country. A fashion designer by vocation, I have made traveling a part of my work for I update myself with the changes in the trends of fashion. Different people and their different cultures are my inspiration. To tell you the truth, I have developed a liking for learning different cultures, as well as history because of this.

Recently, I had good experience traveling to one of the happening towns in Kerala and I am quite thrilled to post my experience in my blog. Since I love traveling to the southern states of India, I fixed my destination this time as Kannur in Kerala. My colleague, who is a Malayalee by birth, promised to accompany me, which definitely solved my language problem there. Being strict budget travelers, we had our tickets booked in two trains through Kerala flight and hotel deal app and my train travel from Jaisalmer to Kannur started in a reasonably good way.

It was on Thursday when we started early to board the JSM JU Express (14809) from Jaisalmer railway station to travel to Jodhpur. The train was on time and departed at 6.15 am. The AC chair car was quite comfortable and the compartment was clean and adequately furnished. I was in high spirits, which I am generally when traveling. We spoke about the changing fashion in clothes when a young girl who got in from Pokran joined us in the discussion.

The train reached the Jodhpur Junction at 1 pm and we had ample time to go around the Jodhpur town shopping and watching a movie. The Bkn Kcvl Express (16311) from Jodhpur departed quite early in the morning at 1.15 am. Since we were tired, we slept immediately once we boarded the train. At the Ahmedabad Junction, the train halted for 25 minutes and we had our breakfast.

bkn kcvl express

Bkn Kcvl Express | Image Resource :

It was eleven in the morning and the day was quite hot. We had a family traveling to Mangalore in the train. The time passed quickly chatting and playing games, while the train raced passing many stations such as Vadodara Junction, Surat, Vasai Road, Panvel Junction, Madgaon, Mangalore and finally Kannur.

kannur railway station

Kannur Railway Station | Image Resource :

We had a long journey and were very tired; nevertheless, the fresh air at the station invigorated my senses. I looked for the way out and to the hotel, which I booked through Kerala flight and hotel deal app.


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