The Wild Adventure Into the Kutumsar Caves Of Chhattisgarh

Yes! The one stop I have been eagerly awaiting in this trip. A ride into the Mother Nature’s natural lap! Being in the wild and in my own solitude is bliss I cannot explain any further. It is hearsay that Kutumsar is the largest natural cave in the World; while some even claim that it is the largest in Asia and the seventh largest in the ‘World’. Regardless of these strange sayings, I can assure you that your visit to Kutumsar caves will be an unforgettable and most thrilling trip ever.

The Kutumsar caves are about forty kilometers away from Raipur in the town of Jagdalpur. One thing to remember is that these caves are filled to the brim with water during the monsoon season: June to August and are closed for visit.

kutumsar caves of chhattisgarh

Kutumsar Caves Of Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

You will need to pay a small fee to approach these caves too as an entry fee and for the guide who will take you through the treacherous routes. Carry a couple of lamps or torches with you and save the expense of buying them again at the entrance.

The cave is about ten kilometers away from the entrance and you will need to drive through a thick and dense forest, making your adventure thoroughly exciting from start.

The Narrow passage leading to the stairs to the cave and the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave give the place an eerie and creepy feel. The utter darkness inside also makes the trip more enjoyable. Remember your lamps/torches.

To make matters worse, the path is very slippery with sharp rocks jutting out. Much care and patience is needed to explore the caves. Blind fishes and blind frogs were jumping about the caves making it more fun and scary. I, for one, had a whale of a time. The variety of rock formations, the stunning Shivling, the drive through the Jungle, all made my day a very zealous one. Now for some rest and relaxation as I share the pictures with you for the day. Want to share my experience? Come visit the Kutumsar Caves.


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