How I Became A Fashion Designer So Young

As a full-time fashion designer at a well-reputed women’s boutique in Jaisalmer, I find myself at the right place, doing the right thing.

Ten years ago, I only had the dream of becoming a successful couturier. Two years later, I aspired to join an international brand as a fashion designer. Exactly five years later, I got a breakthrough.

Hence, I feel, there is and should be no end to dreams as they particularly lead one to somewhere safe. When I began chasing my dreams, ten years ago, the journey was not as easy.

As a teenager, I faced and overcame my own challenges. Tackling studies and my passion for fashion designing was not a simple task either. Though, I passed that phase, with great efforts. I would like to share a bit of my career story here.

Over a decade ago, I began by coming up with my own ideas and innovations. Whenever my friends or family needed tips on dressing up, I would be more than glad to guide them.

I later went on to convert these abstract but beautiful designs into sketches using a simple A4 size paper and pencil. These designs were off course hidden from the rest of my family, and hence I drafted a portfolio where I saved all these sensitive works.

beautiful designs into sketches

Sketching Beautiful Designs | Image Resource :

fashion magazines

Fashion Magazines | Image Resource :

I knew it was too early but I had to learn about fashion. I started with checking fashion websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. for latest designs and fashion updates. It also gives a fair idea about how the business works.

Thank God for the sewing machine at home. With a little help from my elder sisters, and a bit of online research, I got myself readied for clothes sewing. At first its way tough but as you get to learn more of sewing, it gets more enjoyable.

sewing machine

Sewing Machine | Image Resource :

Soon my work was being observed and as I was gaining mastery at it, people in my surroundings as well as my family and friends started noticing my work.

With my parents’ permission, I finally gained an admission at a popular fashion designing school in Delhi, where I officially have to learn the basics of fashion designing and rest is history! I hope it inspires those young teenagers who aim to become a fashion designer.


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