Street Food of Mumbai – Taste Has No Limit Here

Everything in the world is changing, except for the delicious taste of street foods of Mumbai. People from around the world come to the city of dreams for its mouth-watering foods. When the food is so great, it doesn’t matter it is on the road or pavement, what matter is the satisfaction achieved from consuming it. Some famous streets food and popular dishes of Mumbai have become a face of true taste with affordable prices.

I started my foodie journey from Batata vada. It is the most liked and consumed street food in the whole state of Maharashtra and with the exquisite taste, it surely deserves to be the number one. It did look similar to pakoras but it was far more rich and tastier than it. Some say that the vegetarian foods are not that delicious as compared to the non-vegetarian items. If they have just a bit of Batata vada, they will surely think again. After tasting, the superb taste of Batata Vada my hunger for street food was even more than before.

batata vada

Batata Vada | Image Resource :

sev puri

Sev Puri | Image Resource :

I moved along and had a bit of sev puri. It is surely one of the cheapest and yet tastiest snack in whole Mumbai. People parked their Mercedes and Audi cars in the side lane just to have a bit of the snack. No matter whichever season it is, the taste of sev puri can suit me anytime. Even at the fancy restaurants of five-star hotels, sev puri is a common dish ordered by people.

After the sev puri it was time to try some fast food of Mumbai. The most loved option of the working people and whoever have arrived in Mumbai and struggling with the expenses can find a suitable spot at the pav bhaji vendor. Cheap and yet heavenly tasty option is the healthy and yet fulfilling at the same time. Fried butter and crispy layer of the pav can relieve any tension and make the mind completely relaxed. Street food of Mumbai is the main reason why people forget about their lands and stay in love with this city. After fulfilling my hunger, I started back to my hotel.

pav bhaji

Pav Bhaji | Image Resource :


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