Jehangir Art Gallery – Finest Display of Mesmerizing Art

Art is the imaginative skill applied to represent the imaginations in the world and Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai has it all. This art room is covered with excellent masterpieces from paintings to sculptures. With varied styles and designs, it covered all the sections regarding artistic paintings.

jehangir art gallery mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

Many people were interested in some great painters’ work and yet the not so famous painters were also able to sell their art. The artistic drawing of a women making pottery was the most famous that day. The painting was able to express the situation of the women who was making pottery for living. The brush stroke, choice of colours and most importantly the picture of women, who was making the pottery at that time, was completely out of the world.

But instead of these great works, some works like tower of sponges and a portrait made of wooden scales had their own story to describe. After roaming in the hall, I saw the exhibit of children painting, and truly speaking, those little houses with a car parked on a side along with waterfalls and mountains at the back was my favourite. If the talent in the children continues like this, that day is not far away when they will prove themselves, which can leave everyone amazed.

samovar cafe in Jehangir art gallery mumbai

Samovar Cafe in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

The outstanding picture may not have the best design or choice of colours but it did portray a picture in my mind of the child smiling when he was drawing the splendid piece. That section was outstanding and consisted of some future artists, which the world will look upon one day. Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai is the finest art gallery I have ever seen till today.

art plaza gallery outside jehangir art gallery, mumbai

Art Plaza Gallery outside Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai | Image Resource :

Portraits and sculptures set the mood of the people looking for some marvellous brush strokes. With the disadvantage of small space, this art gallery has everything to offer for an art lover. After I completed my tour of the art gallery I was really hungry and what can taste better than Mumbai street food. From sebpuri to pau bhaji I made my mind not to miss any of the delicious food in Mumbai.

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