Flora Fountain Mumbai – Entirely Allied to Prosperity

Travelling all the way to and from the caves took four hours approximately and I was back in the hustle and bustle of the city. Flora Fountain Mumbai was another place of interest that provides serenity in Mumbai. The battle of achieving high ranks has made the city professional in every term. People do not have time to waste on pity things. While Jaisalmer is the city, ever ready to help you out in any circumstances. Well, it is worthless to distinguish the two cities based on their respective terms. Alike human beings, they too possess their own virtues.

Named after Roman Goddess Flora, the fountain is the expression of beauty and prosperity. The statue is erected on white marble and The Agri-Horticulture Society of Western India is the one who initiatively build the statue with the design made by R. Norman Shaw. The fountain has a distinct quality of glowing in the night. It is constructed with imported Portland stone. Also called as Martyr Square, the place is nearer to almost all the major tourist places in Mumbai. The fountain is creatively decorated as a bride at times of New Year, Diwali, etc.

flora fountain mumbai

Flora Fountain Mumbai | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

The de-stressed place is perfect to escape from the worldly commitments for a while. It helps you to find out the inner self that have been lost somewhere. The great combination of beauty and purity is the ultimate expression that a visitor capture while travelling to this place. Being an attractive spot it also provides space to many vendors to earn their living. Visitors definitely hunt for the evening snacks or roadside cuisines to beat their hunger cravings. In that aspect, the vendors are ready to serve them with relishing cuisines of Mumbai.

I too fall into that circumstance when I was going mad with hunger. I gobbled some of them and took leave of Flora Fountain Mumbai, the ultimate bliss in the bustling city. The phenomenal architecture really left me spellbinding. I would like to revisit Mumbai whenever I get the opportunity. Spectacular destinations did not let me down in my isolated journey and blessed me in all means.

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