Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai – A Place to Find Complete Devotion

India is mainly known for two things, one is the mouth-watering spices and the other is undisturbed belief in God, which makes it one of a kind. Considered as one of the most devoted temples in the world, Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai is said to be the gateway of religious devotion. This temple of Lord Ganesha is considered the starting point of everything you want to begin. With a devotee’s belief combined with the blessing of Lord Ganesha, every block coming in the way can be curved.

siddhivinayak temple mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai | Image Resource :

The temple was not that large as I imagined but the magnificent architecture did cast a charming spell on me. The doors of the temple lead from sanctum where the images of Aastavinayak were displaying the eight manifestations of Lord Ganesha. After my glimpse of the eight manifestations, I went to see the Lord himself. Placed in the centre, the statue of Lord Ganesha had four arms with a lotus in one, an axle in the second, followed by the modakas (sweets loved by Lord Ganesha) and the a garland of beads in the last one.

lord ganesha

Lord Ganesha | Image Resource :

According to the old beliefs, it is said that if anyone speaks in the ear of the chief devotee of Lord Ganesha, which is called Mushak, any wish can be fulfilled. The statue of Ganesha was glazing as if it had some kind of magical powers. Being a Tuesday, the locals were coming in to offer their prayers to God. Instead of Wednesdays, Tuesdays are considered the auspicious day when the flock of devotees came to the temple premises to pray. Riddhi and Siddhi, which are said to be the two affiliates of Lord Ganesha, are praised by people too.

Set in the heart of Mumbai, Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai served me to catch a sight on the deeply rooted faiths of people. After my prayer and devotion, I bowed down in front of the almighty, asked him to forgive me for all my bad deeds and left. On my way back, I could still smell the fragrance of the fresh flowers from the Phool Gali, where sellers sold the flowers for people to buy and offer them to God. By then, it was time to enter a historical zone at Jahangir Art Gallery.


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