Gateway of India – Majestic yet so Humble

For a virtual tourist like me, Mumbai is the destination where I get the answers to all the questions regarding fashion. Coming from a conventional city of Jaisalmer and plunging into a contemporary city of Mumbai is quiet unacceptable for the people. But being an implicit component of the fashion world it was predictable for me. So decide to finally use my bus booking app and check out my favourite city in “Mumbai”. Technology has made everything so easy.

“Welcome to the land of opportunities” is the inviting gesture that I felt when my eyes fell on the Gateway of India Mumbai. It was incredible gazing at the massive structure, which is entry way to the Arabian Sea.

gateway of india mumbai

Gateway of India Mumbai | Image Resource :

Overlooking the Mumbai harbor, the colossal construction was once the splendor of British Raj in India. The monument provides number of unemployed citizens with opportunity to earn their living through modes of photography, food stalls and roadside snacks sellers. It was erected to celebrate the first visit of celebrities, King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai. George Wittet was the architect behind the designing of this monument who took 4 years to complete it.

taj hotel of mumbai

Taj Hotel of Mumbai | Image Resource :

The Taj Hotel of Mumbai is also located nearby with the tale of brutally murdered guests by the arsonists on that contemptible day, which I never like to recall. It dazzles the same way it used to, initially. What a restoration? The wafting cool breeze was nurturing me with energy and rejuvenation. The reminiscence of the college days with friends in Jaisalmer brought distinct grin on my face. It was the time when a few of us used to assemble in the corridor, bunking tedious classes. I really miss those days.

elephanta caves mumbai

Elephanta Caves Mumbai | Image Resource :

The sun was soaring up its temperature and the afternoon was arriving on head. I was waiting for the ship that would take me to Elephanta Caves Mumbai. With the tickets in my hand and excitement in my heart I wanted to fly above the Arabian Sea. But soon I was aware of the truth. I am a girl who believes in practicality and dream at the same time. This is the rare blend that exists inside me. My ship arrived at Gateway of India to fetch me to Elephanta Caves Mumbai and leave me overwhelmed with the journey.


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