Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna – A Marvel by the Engineers of India

When at Patna, I went to have a visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, which is a bridge that connected Patna in the south of Bihar to Hajipur in the north of Bihar. It is regarded as the longest man made bridge across a river in the world and is 5.6 km long. It was inaugurated in 1982 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who was the prime minister of India at that time. Before the bridge was constructed, people had to cross the river by boat or streamers to reach from Patna to Hijapur. The bridge is also called Ganga Setu.

mahatma gandhi setu patna

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna | Image Resource :

I saw that it was very impressive with two lane roadway and footpath on either side. The roads were 7.5 m wide and the footpath was 2 m wide. The bridge was spread over 45 pilers. I was told that the bridge was built by Gammon India Limited and the cost amounted to Rs. 87 crore. Presently the bridge is a part of National Highway 19. The bridge reflects the engineering skills of India and is a wonderful structure, which took a decade to complete. It started in 1972 and was completed in 1982.

I saw that the bridge was full of traffic running in opposite directions. Some people were walking along the footpath and some were standing at the rail, having a look at the river. I got down from the cab and stood at the footpath seeing that the river looked very wide and deep. I wondered how the bridge was constructed on such a large river. The cool breeze blowing was very refreshing and I stood there enjoying the coolness of it.

As it was evening, many people were walking on the footpath just for the fun of it.  Soon it was time for the sunset and I saw that the sun turned in to a red glowing ball. It was a beautiful sight and the water glowed red in the light of the sun. As the sun went down, lights came up on the bridge all through its length, making it even more beautiful. I had a ride on the bridge and then reached my hotel by 7.00 pm.


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