Gandhi Maidan Patna – Moments Filled With Patriotism

Gandhi Maidan Patna is a historical ground in the city located near the banks of the River Ganges. Golghar is seen to the west of the maidan. I reached the place by 4.00 pm and I saw that it was a large area with trees and lush green grass. The cool breeze blowing made it a favorite place to visit in the evening and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the greenery all around. It was a place where a lot of rallies, movements and meetings were held during the struggle for freedom. It was known as Patna Lawns earlier and it was here that Champaran movement and Quit India movement were launched. Many popular leaders have held meetings here.

gandhi maidan patna

Gandhi Maidan Patna | Image Resource :

During the visit of Mahatma Gandhi in Bihar at the time of Champaran Satyagraha, he addressed a large crowd of people at Patna Lawns. It was then that all people were allowed to enter the lawn and after the meeting, Patna Lawns came to be known as Gandhi Maidan. The Gandhi Sangrahalaya is located to the north western corner of the ground and here I saw many pictures of Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to Bihar and also many records showing his connection with the people of Bihar. During Independence Day the chief Minister of Bihar performs the flag hoisting ceremony at Gandhi Maidan. The ground is now rented for a lot of events like private parties, mass prayers, trade fairs, exhibitions and so on.

It is on this ground that the world’s tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi is situated. It is made of bronze and was inaugurated on 15th February, 2003 by the chief of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. The height of the statue is 40 feet, but it is put on a pedestal which is 24 feet high. A flight of stairs leading to the pedestal measures 8 feet. So the total height comes to 72 feet, making it the tallest in the world. Here Gandhiji is seen standing with two children on either side. On the pedestal there are inscriptions and images from the life of Gandhiji for the people to read and see. It tells you a lot about the life of Gandhiji and the way he fought for the freedom of India.


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