My Incredible Journey from Jaisalmer to Patna via Jodhpur

Work of a fashion designer is exciting but it keeps me busy throughout the day and I hardly get any time to go out and relax. So whenever I get a break from my busy schedule I go out visiting places.eet shopping, camping, photography, meditation, yoga etc are my other hobbies. I love to hand out with my friends and spend time with them. Last time I decided to go to Patna, but decided to stay for a few hours at Jodhpur. So I booked for my train travel journey from Jaisalmer to Patna via Jodhpur on Jsm Ju express. The train departure time of the train from Jaisalmer was 11.30 and I was ready to go to the station by 10.00 pm. I had all my bags packed and had my dinner. My father took me to the station and we reached the station by 11.00pm.

I got in to the grain and bid goodbye to my father and off the train went with a whistle. Soon I went off to sleep, keeping an alarm to wake up at 5.00 am, as the train would arrive Jodhpur by 5.20 am. I got up at 5.00 am and got ready to get down. The train arrived at Jodhpur on time and I got down. There was a cab waiting to take me to Kothi Heritage, Jodhpur and I reached the hotel in no time.

kothi heritage, jodhpur

Kothi Heritage, Jodhpur | Image Resource :

suites in kothi heritage, jodhpur

Suites in Kothi Heritage, Jodhpur | Image Resource :

The hotel was a beautiful place which reflected the heritage of Rajasthan but at the same time provided all the modern amenities to the customers. I stayed at the hotel for 7 hours and I loved my stay in the hotel. The room was air-conditioned and spacious with all facilities like LCD TV, hair dryer, internet connection, telephone and an attached bathroom. There was also 24 hour room service for the convenience of the customers. After getting refreshed, I had my breakfast and then went to sleep for a while as I was tired sleeping late and getting up early.

air india airlines

Air India Airlines | Image Resource :

After spending 7 hours in the hotel, I went to the airport for my next trip from Jodhpur to Patna by Air India Airlines. My train travel journey from Jaisalmer to Patna via Jodhpur was really enjoyable and after reaching Patna I went to the hotel I had already booked online.


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