Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad – Very Educative

After the visit to Khusrao Bagh (around 10.20 AM), I was on my way to Jawahar Planetarium. Note that I travelled to the place farthest from the hotel at first, and was now coming towards the hotel. The planetarium was at a distance of 5 minutes from the hotel and 10 minutes from Khusrao Bagh.

Around 10.40AM, I was at the planetarium. However, I had to wait outside for a while since the place opened to visitors at 11.00 AM only. I paid Rs. 20/- for the ticket, as an entry fee. The white structure was a welcome sight, well maintained and had all information clearly written and displayed.

The inception of the planetarium dates back to 1979 and this is more of a science museum now. I went into the celestial trip inside the planetarium. The show lasted for one hour and it was worth the watch. There were several benches, arranged in rows. Fortunately, I sat on a bench facing the door opposite. This enabled me to look at the sky conveniently and clearly.

jawahar planetarium allahabad

Jawahar Planetarium Allahabad | Image Resource : mouthshut.com

Something that caught my interest is the facility to weigh myself on the moon and Jupiter. I knew we weigh less on the moon, so I took the privilege of weighing myself on Jupiter. I felt like a school going kid again! It was like reading my Science textbook. There were several other shows going on and people could select to visit the shows of their choice.

I found the items displayed in the museum very educative. There were several models, which were on sale too. This would be very helpful for the students, I felt. What I did realize is that this is the place for all the people with children to visit. The scientific facts and the stuff on display will be something that the children would enjoy and would remember. It is a good practical experience for them to assist in their studies too.

The planetarium was worth the visit and once I finished, it was past 1 PM. I stopped a rickshaw and was on my way to Anand Bhavan. On the way, I decided to buy something light to eat.


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