Allahabad Fort – Amazing, Both in Architecture and Style

I directly headed to the hotel after my visit to the museum. I had my lunch, freshened up and took an auto to take me to the Allahabad Fort. I reached the fort at half past two. I had to hurry since the place was open only till 5 PM and I did not want to miss out on any aspects of the fort.

The Indian army presently occupies one part of the fort; therefore, I had to be content with visiting only that part, which was open to the visitors. The fort is very huge and situated on the banks of River Yamuna. The towers looked very impressive, even from a great distance. It was a pity that it was not open to the public. It would have been great to examine the towers and the high walls and get on top of the fort.

allahabad fort

Allahabad Fort | Image Resource :

The good part was that I could take photographs of the place. The fort looked just like the ones that I learnt about in my history books. Built by Emperor Ashoka and re-done later by Akbar, the fort is an example of how the kings defended themselves and their subjects from the enemy attacks. It would be worth mentioning the architecture and the strength of the walls and pillars. You would not find such build-up strength in any of the buildings of the present time.

An Ashoka pillar in polished sandstone, almost 10 metres high, stood at the entrance. This was a statue that would take anyone’s breath away! What an architecture! When I entered the fort, I found that the entrance was in a slanting angle. I learnt that this was to enable the armies to roll out barrels to prevent the enemies from entering the fort premises.

asoka pillar

Ashoka Pillar | Image Resource :

Once actually inside, I had to enter into a tunnel and I could see that there were several temples, which were amazing, both in architecture and style. I could also see that the well-ventilated temples had air ducts at the proper places of the tunnel and within the smaller temples.

I finished the temple visits inside the tunnel and proceeded to visit the Akshaya Vat because the location of the tree was within the fort. I could only wonder if the quarter portion of the fort was such a good visit, what I would find across the rest of the fort. How I wish I would get the chance to visit the entire fort one day!


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