Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad – Experience the Impressive Decor And Good Ambience

Once out of the railway station, I hired a taxi and headed directly to Hotel Kanha Shyam Allahabad. Having travelled in the train the entire morning and with the lack of proper sleep, I could not wait to get to my reserved hotel room and relax for some time.

I reached the hotel within 10 minutes. The location of the hotel was very prominent and there were several malls and shopping centres in the near vicinity of the hotel. I made a mental note to visit these shopping centres when I did get some free time. Huge gates opened to let us enter the hotel and after paying the cab driver, I walked into the lobby.

hotel kanha shyam, allahabad

Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad | Image Resource :

The hotel had an impressive decor and good ambience. A very helpful receptionist greeted me and after giving details of my reservation, a porter helped me carry my luggage to the room. My deluxe room had wooden flooring and there was a writing table and a coffee table at each corner. The double bed had clean bed sheets and there was a television set right opposite to the bed.

I was hungry and instead of going to the restaurant within the hotel, I called the reception and asked them to deliver the food to my room. By the time the clock struck 3 O’clock, I finished freshening up, had my lunch and went on to have a sound sleep until 5 PM.

In the evening, I went to the coffee shop and ordered for coffee. The delicious aroma made me feel hungry again and I order some snacks too. Later, I went to the travel desk of the hotel and enquired about the places, which I planned to visit. I was happy to know that most of the locations on my list were very near to the hotel. The hotel staff informed me that they would make all the arrangements for me visit the sightseeing locations, if needed.

The courteous nature of the staff at Hotel Kanha Shyam, Allahabad is noteworthy. I went to my room and made plans to start my sightseeing spree from tomorrow morning. It was a good thing that the hotel provided WI-FI connection with good speed. I browsed the internet and charted out the visit for each day. Later, I visited one of the malls nearer to the hotel.


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