All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad – Experince the Beauty and Originality of the British Architecture

After a good sleep the previous night, I woke up at 6AM on Wednesday morning, did my yoga, freshened up, had breakfast and by 7.45, I was on my way to All Saints Cathedral. Being at a distance of less than a kilometre from the hotel, I decided to walk to the Church.

The church was nothing close to what I had expected to see. The magnificence of the huge red & brown stone building stunned me. I later learnt that the locals call it “Pathar Ka Girja” meaning the church made out of stone. Looking at the building, you would almost mistake it for a huge hotel or a castle. The design on every nook and corner of the building is fantastic. As per the information that I got, I learnt that the total height of the church is almost 250 feet tall!

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad Entrance

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad Entrance | Image Resource :

This Church built during the British rule in India, has a Gothic touch to it. A beautiful and well-landscaped garden runs around the church building. Considered one of the holy places of Allahabad, the church has some murals displayed on the walls and the designs on it are quite intricate. The smooth flooring and the marble altar are worth examining to understand the fine architecture and finesse that requires in building such a magnificent structure.

all saints cathedral, allahabad

All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad | Image Resource :

inside view of all saints cathedral, allahabad

Inside View of All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad | Image Resource :

There were beautiful glass chandeliers that hung down from the high ceilings of the church. Inside the church, the work is entirely of marble or glass and even after several years, they have managed to retain the beauty and originality of the British architecture.

I have seen several pictures of the church on various websites. The pictures, taken during the night times especially, looked beautiful in the light. However, those pictures are nothing compared to the real view and feel of the church when I actually visited it. The towers were beautiful and the Central Tower is in the memory of Queen Victoria. The area surrounding the church was very clean and well maintained too.

By 8.45 AM, I finished the church visit, walked around the entire stretch of the All Saints Cathedral Church, and took several pictures.

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