Khusro Bagh, Allahabad – An Epitome of Exquisite Culture

At 7.30 AM, after I finished exploring the surroundings of Triveni Sangam, I was all ready and set to visit the Khusro Bagh, which was about 15 minutes distance from the river.

I hailed a rickshaw and reached the spot at 7.50AM. The garden has huge walls on all the four sides and thus, remains well protected. Inside the huge garden, there are four tombs. I visited the tombs of Khusro Mirza, the eldest son of Emperor Jahangir, Shah Begum (Khusro’s mother and the first wife of Emperor Jahangir) and Nithar Begum (Khusro’s sister).

I observed that all these tombs were sandstone materials and gave out the essence of the Mughal architecture. Sultan Begum’s tomb has three-tiers with a chhatri at the top and the calligraphic inscriptions on the tomb in Arabic are indeed beautiful. People say that this tomb has comparisons to the famous Fatehpur Sikri and I would not in the least doubt the fact. Such is the beauty of this particular tomb.

khusro bagh, allahabad

Khusro Bagh, Allahabad | Image Resource :

Nithar Begum’s tomb is next to that of Sultan Begum’s. This tomb is actually huge and astounded me! This tomb has the best architecture and fine carvings when compared to the rest of the others. It has a wide and high platform and has two tiers along with a chhatri at the top.

Just next to Nithar’s tomb is that of Khusro’s. This tomb is good in height and the architecture is awesome with fine carvings. I heard that there were several paintings and exquisite things to view within the tomb. They did not allow the visitors to enter the tomb, therefore, I had to be content viewing it from the outside.

Bang in the middle of the garden was the fourth tomb, Mausoleum of Tambolan. In order to understand what the Mughal architecture is all about, every person travelling to Allahabad should visit the Khusro Bagh. I walked around the lush gardens for a while and then had my packed breakfast. I felt proud sitting there and to know that our country has such rich and exquisite culture and art that could be competition for several monuments of the world.

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