National Zoological Park, Delhi Has Unique Features of Its Own

Communicating with the other side of God’s creation has the experience of its own, as the animals only know the language of love. Anyone can be their friend if they are handled with care and affection. National Zoological Park, Delhi is the sphere of the same affection for the wildlife and nature. My frequent vacations mostly include wildlife sanctuary of diversified places among which Delhi was unseen before. I was fortunate to reach my loving destination on time. The magnificent zoo is rich in flora and fauna. Since there was a lot of car parking space, it did not take much time to enter the gate. Soon after collecting my Rs.40 ticket from the ticket counter I gushed inside the zoo without wasting any more time.

entrance view of national zoological park, delhi

Entrance View Of National Zoological Park, Delhi | Image Resource :

national zoo sign

National Zoo Sign | Image Resource :

Foreigners are charged with Rs.200 and have to show their identification cards followed with the number of security measures, which is also applicable for the India tourists as well. Outside food is prohibited inside the park. A lot of walking is required to catch the maximum glimpses of every animal. Passing through some of the food stalls I decided to have some snacks and then moved forward to watch the Asian Elephant, who was enclosed inside a spacious area. The leopard was enjoying in the concrete enclosure. Deer, zebra, and chimpanzee were wandering in their specific areas having fun on their own. Animals such as spider monkey, the Gir lion, and African wild buffalo were some of them I saw for the first time. Banteng, Emu, Axis deer, Peafowl, Macaque, and several others are the pride of the zoo. The other special features of the zoo are the trees, which have 200 species with added descriptions. Mobile vans with open roof are also offered at affordable rates for the tourists to explore the celebrated wildlife of Delhi with utmost interest.

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The day ended for me by late evening and to avoid further fatigue I took the farewell of the National Zoological Park, Delhi and left the place with innumerable memories of the lovely animals and nature’s essence. I had a train to catch the next day to Jaisalmer and so dozed off to sleep. Throughout the night I kept thinking and dreaming about the places I went in Delhi and they gave me cherishing memories of the place.

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